Wednesday, December 21, 2005


[QUOTE=Kleine Hexe]Thank you, hellen.

I read the Weir book and it was interesting, but I want to know the details of things. Such as when they talk about a woman being "churched" I want to know what that entails.[/QUOTE]

Six weeks after my first baby was born, Mom let me know that it was time to get churched. I asked what that was. For six weeks after giving birth a woman is not supposed to sit with the regular congregation. She sits out by the candles in the back with her family. After the six week unclean period is over the priest leads you back into church.

That day Mom stood in front of me with her coat out like batman to conceal me nursing. Later when I asked a priest in that church where a nice quiet spot to nurse would be, he sat behind his desk and said not even the cafeteria or the parking lot would be advisable. He said the women would be mean to me if they saw me nursing.

Later on the radio, after I left that church, I heard on the radio an odd news bit. The Greek Orthodox Church home office answered a call from a Canadian church to support making a blind woman leave her dog outside, because it was unclean. They had to pay a lot of money. I laughed until I cried.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Re: Birth cost comparison

My reply to Attached In Wayne County.

Sue here. The lactivist intactivist birth advocate. Remember these
are my opinions.

The double and triple contractions may have been due to Pitocin. I
would blame the hospital for the flatline, not commend them for a
rescue. see the tub my son was born in. has a tribes area in their forums which has
recently discussed the providence center, and the birthplace.

A circ hurts just as much for a baby as an adult. Babies just don't
talk about it. My brother still has a scar and a funny shape
(according to my mom) from his circ. It put her through hell.

$3500 for all prenatal, birth and post birth is cheap. Millions for
the care of a birth damaged child is a possiblility for the cheaper
hospitpal birth choice.

Blue Cross has stopped paying claims, and still has not covered the
$1700 I want for birthing services.

My maternity pay was denied because of no doctor to sign. Still
working on HR for that.

The violence of birth has been blamed for the decline in our society.

Take back birth. Pregnancy is not a sickness to be rescued from,
it's a baby, not an accident.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

United Airlines actually said no breastfeeding on planes is company policy?

The link above leads to a very disturbing article about United. I am outraged that this could happen.

To deny a baby the right to eat because there is no bottle is discrimination. This mother would not have been harrassed in such a manner if she was using a bottle.

Nursing a child should not expose a mother to shame based on the bottle standard. You have no right to deny children comfort and food due to the complaints of other passengers. How can the comfort of an adult compare to the needs of a child?

Without an immediate statement of company policy which supports nursing moms, you should expect a flurry of outrage.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What happened to Steven W Tuck?

The last news I saw was Oct 22, 2005. It said he had been released so he could go to the hospital. Those articles are disappearing now.

The headline that caught my eye was "Veteran Frog Marched to Border". Turns out this US citizen fled in 2001? To avoid prosecution. He was growing under the medical law in California, and the feds stepped in with a federal law. He took enough seeds when he fled to start Canada'a medical hemp program. He has applied for political asylum in Canada, and been denied.

So, this veteran who was injured in the 80's and has been on prescription morphine for 16 years is laying on a gurney waiting for surgery in Canada. The marshals doctor shopped until one said he could be released. He is taken from the hospital, catheter still attached, and delivered to the US. Then he is thrown in jail for 4 days with no medical treatment for his catheter of morphine addiction. The gave him an OTC med, not nearly enough.

The last article quoted his lawyer, and mentioned possibly losing and infected body part. He had been treated, and they were waiting to see if he responded to the antibiotics. Then nothing..... Today when I searched, all gone, like it never happened.

How can we torture a veteran by withdrawal? Where is all the news? What happened to this man?

If you know, please leave a comment, so I can too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I posted this on to a query about why formula makes bigger babies.


The formula companies do research to make the babies grow better with their brand. Better means bigger babies produce bigger sales. Bigger babies draw more customers to their brand. Bigger babies consume more. Doctors will recommend their brand.

Just like fertilizer on your lawn will make more growth and that green color. The fast open growth and accumulation of bad fats can leave you or your lawn open for sickness to attack.

At the one year appointment my formula free son was on the 50th percentile for the 2001 CDC breastfed baby chart. The doc wouldn't see me until he confirmed the chart separately online. He thought my son was underweight without the data I brought. What happens next time when my son goes back to the one size fits all babies over one year chart?

Whoops I almost forgot, I'm not going back. I called a number for a ped that I saw here on mothering and am very happy with this new guy. Although he did say ten may be too old for nursing, he didn't think over a year qualified as extended nursing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

17 months, not many solids, ready for family comments

Here is my reply to a mom worried about facing her family for the holidays, and comments about her 17 month old not eating lots of solids. She said if he nursed when she got home, and didn't eat dinner, somehow she had failed. forums


Keep up the good work. After you read this forum for a while, you will see how normal your son is. Please remember, the gold standard of formula is promoted by an industry. Your milk does not make money for the formula industry, the medical industry, or any other group which will promote its goods. No one solicits doctors to buy breasts.

A recent study finally made some sense. Maybe rice cereal and highly processed food aren't good for baby. He should eat like mom does because that is what he is used too. Your milk is the best baby can get. 17 months is way young for weaning. Weaning is adding more solids, and water to get him off my chest.

That milk is better for him than dinner. Please resist the industries which attack wholesome free milk. Your family has been programmed. Please explain that industries have brainwashed them. Ask where they got the idea. Mention how bottlefeeding is not the standard, nursing is normal.

Possible replies:

I'm the mom, it's my choice.
My doctor would not agree with that.
Where did you hear that?
How do you know?
That's very nice, here's some bean dip.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Michigan is...

My response to someone from Washington State asking about Michigan crunchiness.


If you want a sugar coated answer, don't read this one.

Blue Cross dropped my Direct Entry Midwife in the last month of my pregnancy. I am waiting for the answer to my appeal. My employer took three weeks maternity pay away, because I didn't have a doctor to sign. I told them this before the birth, but they didn't get it, until 8 weeks after. Still trying to change HR policy. see the tub. I would recommend Bridget, and she does get paid by some insurance. She can let you know whether your company pays.

I am repeatdly asked to do things like the bottle moms. Held up to the gold standard of formula. I left the church I was raised in because the priest sat behind his desk, and laughed as he said no nursing in church, the cafeteria, or the parking lot. That he wanted to protect me from other women who would be harsh. Hospital and pediatricians are formula driven. They measure my baby with a tape with Enfamil ads. They lecture me about vacs, and importance of cow milk. This ped, may even have been retracting my sons foreskin. (I am going to a more friendly practice.)

I left my new church when they said Breastmilk is a hazardous bodily fluid, and offered free formula to refill my bottle of EBM.

I just started a Yahoo group, Nurse Out Michigan, link above. We just get together with our kids. Nursing is not seem much here.

A member of our group was kicked out of her daycare after being told not to nurse in front of the children, because it is like spreading your legs.

I wore my sling to the mall, with my other mommy group, and it was a novelty. Most babies are kept in those plastic buckets.

You can find alternative health care, but you have to look.

I was in an organic farm this summer. It is CSA, Maplecreek farms. $525 for 18 weeks.

Feel free to join my yahoo group, and get a peek at what goes on here. The flip response from a representative saying 15 months may be told old for protecting rights to BF, tells it all.

Washington is very crunchy. In Michigan, I usually have to explain what crunchy means.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

RE:productive Responsibility?

Here's your chance to blast me.

I have given birth three times. Two girls with the Ex, and one year
old son with Hubby. He has a nine year old, also. That's four
kids. My two girls are 50/50 with their dad. His visits anytime
she wants, mostly weekends.

During the school year my girls are home with me from Friday after
school, until Monday for school, three weekends a month. The Ex
insisted Pinckey schools were better than Livonia (not) and takes
them there even though we both work in Dearborn. I got the better
end of that bargain, the whole weekend which is what we work for

Well, anyways, this leaves little Nicholas as an only child for most
of the week. I'm thinking about another to keep him company. Like
cats, two will entertain each other.

Hubby said he wants Nick to be older first. Something like three.
I'm 39 now, mine are 1,5, & 7. My home has five bedrooms and two
baths. I've been at the same job 13 years as an engineer
researching fuel economy and emissions.

So, what do I do? Rythym method. Ha Ha. At my age, using just the
calendar to prevent conception???? While breastfeeding? Believe it
or not, I started cycling at six weeks post partum, and haven't
missed one yet. How did I get away with it for more than a year?

How responsible is it to just think that either God will give me
another child, or menopause will take care of it? I worked for
years to concieve my first, the second caught on my second cycle
post partum (nine months), the third was concieved on the first
cycle I tried.

How arrogant is it to think that although I work full time and
support the family, that it will be one more breastfed infant to
help the gene pool? Two are formula free, and the first only had a
little until I knew better. (please, no slam intended here, just
genetics - if baby doesn't bf, gene pool reacts to dead mom message,
if mom doesn't bf, she reacts to dead baby message for next child.
I believe that this may explain the soaring disease rate. I know
that formula moms do what they feel is best for their kids.) No day
care, I am grateful that my hubby can be an at home Dad.


In Wisconsin you need the hubby to sign before you can buy a car.

My body, my choice. While sperm was still inside man, his choice.
I feel sorry for a man who loses a child because his mate does not
agree. I feel sorry for a man who pays for twenty years for a one
night stand. I feel sorry for the pain a woman has to endure while
the 24 hour rule plays out. I feel sorry for the women who have
undergone court ordered C sections because a doctor did not believe
in consent. I don't know how to fix it.

My hubby and I have had several heated disagreements in the last
month over this issue. Neither will budge. He says his child his
choice, I say my body, my choice. No happy medium.

Do you now Michigan has a law which says that after a woman goes in
for an abortion, she must go home and wait 24 hours to think about
her decision? Like she hadn't agonized about it before?

Do you know that doctors have called judges in the middle of the
night, and without representation from the mom, have court ordered
surgery on woman? There was precedent set that surgery on one
cannot be forced to benefit another. Unless your preg, then no
rights, all fetus rights as determined by the state.

Our reproductive rights have been eroded. When I give birth, do I
deserve a right to choose what happens to the baby? In Michigan
apparently not. On the birth plan for my second, I said no
antibotic eye goop. The doctor signed it at 32 weeks. At 38 1/2
weeks, they told me I would need a court order to stop them, when I
was already 4 cm dialated, and contracting. Why can't I choose not
to blur the baby's vision for the first two days of life? States
answer: because we must protect all babies from syphillis and
gonorea even though we know you aren't even remotely likely to have

I also view the "mandatory" vaccinations as an erosion of my
reproductive rights. If vaccines are so wonderful, why do you need
to force me? At least the 'mandatory' vaccinations can all be
waived, but without knowing your rights, and fighting for them, many
families are bullied into risking their childrens safety.

What about the way Viagra is covered under your medical insurance,
but birth control is not? How 'bout the way that the morning after
pill was delayed by the FDA? How 'bout the way the abortion pill,
although cheaper and safer was delayed?

In my mind this all boils down to forcing religious beliefs onto

Wandering farther off topic....

Oh, okay, I'll go post my own thread.... Reproductive responsibilty.


--- In, alissa metoff
> New supreme court nominee Alito was pro spousal approval to get an
> What are your feelings on that?
> Is it something the government should stay out of?
> Shouldn't people agree on abortion before they get married?
> Birth control isn't 100% effective but having no sex is grounds
for divorce.
> How about the government getting out of the marriage business all
> What else would they want notes for?
> Does this leave the door open for the government to ask for
spousal approval on other things?
> What about if the father does not want the baby and the mother
does? Should fathers be able to make you get an abortion if they can
require approval?
> That would have to be a 2 way street wouldn;'t it?
> Would husbands be able to get away with not paying child support
if approval or disapproval becomes law?
> Hmmmm

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Second that, discreet, schmeet, sheep go bleat.


Quote: (from
Originally Posted by Mrs Dimples
I have realized that when people say "discreet", they don't mean a physical state of being "covered". They mean that the mother should feel on guard, on her toes, a little ashamed, sheepish, deprecating. It's a state of mind, folks.

If you NIP - whether you're wearing a bikini, a blanket, or a burka - and you aren't ready to scurry into the bathroom at the first withering glance, then you ain't discreet.

I think if people really thought about, and understood, the implications of tacking on that " long as she's discreet about it" clause, they would be so incredibly ashamed of themselves. It's misogynistic, divisive, and completely fantastic in that it has almost no basis in reality.

I'm really fired up about this tonight. I just figured this out a few days ago - crystallized what it is (to me, anyway) that people mean by this phrase, and the attitude that goes along with it. Feminism has SO far to go. Human rights have SO far to go.

--- end quote --------

Yes, I always thought that as long as their disceet BS should be kicked to the curb. Let's see a bottlefeeder keep that bleeping plastic t!t out of sight. If they don't, we won't.

I have an active one year old. Discreet, schmeet. He won't have it. He needs to see at least an inch, and raises my shirt every time. He also likes to see what is going on. Bring it on...

Monday, October 10, 2005

My life: A Series of Small Technical Diffulcties.

HI Mom,

Saturday still works. I should have something for Nikko by then.

Dealing with a long series of small technical difficulties.

The air was broken for those two hot days. First day I could look at it, it just ran fine.

DVD lost its tracking, for like a month. Never buy AMW.

Yahoo has been keeping messages for a day or so in etherspace before delivery.

Clocks have been failing.

Computer was replatformed.

Visit to Ped, they should pay me, not the other way round. Less than useful.

Coolant low light came on, and had to add water to car. Of course it was dark when the light came on.

Running low on tea. Do you have another pile of rejects? I found a couple I really liked last time. Time to clean your cupboard.

Lost my chase amazon card. I think the guy at compusa kept it. Reported it lost, and then logged in to see what charges were recently made. Chase cancels internet access when a card is lost. I can't see my statement. I haven't seen it, and I have made three phone calls asking them to fax it to me. I have my new card, and still no statement. I have figured out how to see the charges, and they're okay. Citicard never gave me this kind of trouble with a lost card, and Chase doesn't view this as a problem. I applied for a card from a different company on Saturday, and will cancel all Chase.

Got a new American Express card. Hope to use it at Costco. Costco card is nasty. Couldn't find the AmEx card, reported it lost, asked for one that's not clear. They only offer clear cards. Later found said card in purse right where I was looking for it. I plan to paint the new card neon colors.

Just quit Weight Watchers. We have a bunch of new members. I walked in the room, and couldn't take the perfume. So glad I picked engineering, most guys don't smell.

Did you see Dr. Phil on friday? He covered NIP (nurse in public). Vinny taped it for me. I labelled it and put it away. In ten years it may be nice to contrast it to the new reality. I have a better idea why women object to nursing now. She seemed to have issues. It's just not attractive was her only argument.

At least I always have . The discussion boards have all kinds of interesting controversy. The breastfeeding advocacy and support board has many interesting threads on the small victories achieved by teaching one person at a time that it is not okay to ask me to leave just because the baby is hungry and I don't use a bottle.

In training the next couple of days. Leaning the new calibration tool. This is the third time I'm taking the same course for a new piece of equipment. Same stuff, but each new tool uses different keys to do the same functions. Dad would probably say that I'm lucky I get to use the same tool for a few years at a time.


******************************* Mom's Note ***************************

Mom wrote:
Well, Donna's plans have changed. Nick and Staci are going to the Ohio/Michigan State game in Ohio and were leaving the kids with Donna but there seems to be some soccer games involved so she won't be able to make it.

Yia is much the worse for wear since she had all that company but she loved seeing the girls and Tom. I'm glad they came.

Saturday still works best for me, since I have to pack and get ready to leave on Sunday. We will take time to buy the costumes, whenever you have time during the weekend. I have a ton of gifts here for the kids Nick and Sophia from Rob/Staci/Donna and of course us. Wait until you see the lovely jacket that Staci bought Sophia.

Hope you had a restful weekend. I worry about how much you always have to do and deal with. Take care.

Love MOM

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Official Announcement

and now for something completely different.

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Official Announcement

The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.

Damn, it just doesn't get more accurate than that!

********* next ******************

Kids have been passing out. On different days, in different
classrooms, for almost a week. This is a new building. They could
not find anything with their testing. Do we think? oh, must not have
tested for the right thing, no, we say it's all in their heads.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Also posted at MeetingMoms

I'm doing great. It's almost 8, I've got my cup of tea, and am waiting for my changes to the software for the car to build. I'll be out testing it later.

This month, I stopped using the pump at work. I figure I have brought home at least 4000 ounces of milk for the three kids. (Three Kids, a year each, 5 days a week from 6 weeks old, 8-18 ounces a day) Thats two kids who never tasted formula. Nick drinks water and soymilk, while I'm at work, along with eating everything he can get his hands on. Including the cat.

I've been reading the thread on getting help from Dad. At least I can go to work and get a break. Sure I get home and he's hit or miss on doing anything. That role playing computer game keeps him busy. Yesterday he did cook dinner. Even though I had said that I was going out with Amy about 100 times.

When I get home today, I'll be taking Nick to the pediatrician. I hope the baby is home when I get there. The darling spouse sometimes forgets things like that.

Have a Happy Thursday,

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello Mommy Meet Friends

I have discovered mommy groups on the internet. Recently I have made some new friends, and now have things to do.

I was leery at first, going places to meet new people, but these girls are very nice and inclusive. Theresa, and Amy have even met me for play dates with the kids.

So nice having a nite out with the girls. I thought I may be isolated forever.

Ever nicer finding out that my second husband encourages me to go. My ex would always find a way to prevent me from going anywhere.

Leave a cooment and let me know you were here. I should really write more often.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Purple Goddess had a beautiful birth.

August 18th, 2005 04:41 15

Congratulations. Lucky Kiernan, a natural birth and a good latch. What more could a baby want?

As far as nursing in public. Try reading the forums at The breastfeeding advocacy and support boards have really given me a new found sense of how silly it is to think of it as anything but feeding the baby.

Welcome to the ease of boobs. BFing makes taking baby out in public so easy. For the first six months, I just put a diaper in my purse and go.

Enjoy that baby. Tomorrow he will be asking for the keys to take the car.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More from the blogging baby thread, Someone read my blog ;)

Posted Jul 19, 2005, 4:29 PM ET by Sue
Sorry Michelle,

Nice of you to leave a crytic remark on my blog. Comment number 20 on BloggingBaby was fairly difficult to find. Next time you might just send me your remark, rather than this "sue, I have left a comment for you on blogging baby under comments....I believe that it is #20. Maybe mention which article.

Here's Michelle's comment on my blog "You really offended me with what you said and I think that you really need to educate yourself a little more before you go making such comments!!!! It makes me upset that you seem to think that you are better just because you breastfeed....that does not make you a better mom or a better person. To educate you I have listed some reasons on blogging baby on why babies might need formula! Thank you for your time.

Dearest Michelle,

I have done a considerable amount of reading about how the medical industry means well, but is producing bad outcomes.

Sorry you feel that your baby needs formula. Did your doctor use a breastfed baby weight chart, or just the standard formula fed baby chart. Most breastfed infants start falling of the FF chart. The formula industry has done a lot of research to make babies grow fast. Just like fertilizing your lawn makes it grow fast, but leaves it suseptible to disease, formula makes sick babies for the drugs companies to line their pockets.

Did you even know there were two weight charts, or hadn't you read enough?

Seems like you just wanted to vent your frustrations. Feel free to vent at me any time.

Try reading Obstetric Myths vs. Research Realities, by Henci Goer.

I birthed my baby without doctors or a hospital because research proves it is safer.

(Sorry everyone else, but she didn't leave anyway to reply but here)

Try reading Selling Sickness for more info.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Who long do you plan to breastfeed? - comments left on

16. Posted Jul 12, 2005, 7:40 AM ET by Sue
The Nursing Mothers Guide to Weaning by Shiela Kitzinger can answer question on weaning at any age.

My first was weaned at 14 months, my second shortly after she was two. My ex-husband led that weaning.

My third is 10 months and I plan to wean him before he goes to college ;) Otherwise he can wean or nurse whenever he chooses. I work full time, have returned to work after six weeks for each child. Breastfeeding/Pumping really helps keep me sane. It is nice to know he is well fed even while I work. Daddy stays home with the baby. Breastfeeding is the easy choice.

My first had an occasional bottle of formula before I knew better. The ex would give her a bottle of that crap to 'give me a break'. The result was always a fussy, messy baby, and no break. For the second and third, I just didn't have any formula in the house, because it is crap.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

God's Will ???

Nicholas is almost 10 months old. Shall we have another. Do we leave it up to God? What about the Goddess?

My husband and I have 4 kids between us. The older sisters are 5,6&9. I've had three births, two with no drugs. Looking at the grey in my hair, and the baby on my shoulder I wonder what was I thinking. Oh, I remember, I was thinking it would be nice to have another baby to nurse.

What is my responsibility here? Shall I populate the gene pool with more healthy breastfed, born without violence babies? Can I afford it? Does my mom's opinion count at all?

More to follow.

Stil no comments, has anyone read this?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Posts to ...


Hang in there you're doing great. Nicholas is 8 months, my third
baby. He does the acrobatic nursing at times, they all do. Some
moms are more tolerant of the behaviour. He is also doing the same
thing while changing his diaper. I try to keep him flat for the
diaper change in order to train him for the stinky ones later.

All mine did some acrobatic nursing. Hand the baby a toy. Restrain
the baby. Tell the baby what you want, keep still, be nice to
mommy,pat, no pinching. I try to ask for the behaviour I want,
repeating verbs with no may be asking the baby for the action you
are trying to stop.

It depends on your tolerance level. Some moms make the baby stay
absolutely still to nurse. Some moms wear nursing necklaces to give
the baby something to distract him. If I don't like the behaviour
(Pinching, pulling, biting, turning head without releasing latch,
whatever I don't like), I express my concern and put the baby on the
floor, and let him scream for a while. Nursing is wonderful and
enjoyable, for both mom and baby.

You're in the home stretch for pumping. I did about 14 months of
pumping, and continued nursing after that for my second. The AAP
bfing for 1 year as the main source of nutrition does not mean stop
then, as your co-workers seem to have inferred. Weaning is a
process of introducing other foods. I like to take a couple years
to wean. Some solids starting at six months for entertainment.
More solids later when baby seems to want them. On to soy milk
instead of BestMilk when my stock ran low. I go for the Edensoy
Organic because I like the way they test for GMO's and
pesticides/fertilizers. More than half of the US soy crop is
RoundUpReady, a Genetically Modifed (GMO) soy which can withstand
higher levels of RoundUp (pesticide).

The Edensoy Soymilk is great because it stays in the pantry until
opened, and I don't need to shop for Cow Milk every few days. I see
no need to give the baby cow milk or formula, ever.

The View NIP (Nursing In Public) stuff is all over the web. I read
a New York Times article about the Nurse In. Hathor
( wrote about it in her blog (musings). has a bunch of ranting and chatting under
Breastfeeding Advocacy and Support.

Carla, you have done better than most moms already. Your success at
breastfeeding will yield many benefits for life, both yours and
Milla's. Remember, now you are the expert. You have done more
nursing than almost all of the doctors you've met, put together.
You know your body, better than anyone else can. One boob is
enough, as long as the other one is comfortable. I sleep on my
lesser side, so it is easier to use more often.

Well Done,

( The Note I replied to )

> Oh darn, I forgot about that meeting. I really wanted to go. It
sounds like it was a little less than ideal though. I haven't heard
about the hooplah about the View. Where can I read about that?
> This is kind of off topic, but Milla is a one sider baby. My
right side has always had a faster flow, and she's always prefered
it. The only time she'll drink from the left side is in the middle
of the night when she's too sleepy to fight me about it : )
> I was hoping the LLL could give me some encouragement. Things in
the nursing world have been getting tough. Milla has never been a
cuddly nurser, but these days she's out of control! She pulls my
hair, scratches my face, squeezes my nose, squeezes my nipples, does
backbends, ends up with her feet on my face, drinks in a downward
dog position, and just about any other crazy position she can think
of. Is anyone else's baby like this? She is 11 months now. If I
stop the feeding when she gets too rough, she cries like I've hurt
her. If I give her another chance, she'll pinch me again. I'm not
really sure what to do.
> Another question. How old until Milla can go without breastmilk
while I'm at work? Not until I wean her? I don't mind pumping most
of the time, but sometimes things get busy here at work and it's
hard for me to get away. Will not pumping during the day affect my
milk supply too much? Is it too important for her to get that
bottle of milk? I'm thinking everyone here at work is expecting me
to quit pumping when she is a year old. I guess I shouldn't be
embarassed about that, but it gets frustrating hearing, "only a
month to go!"
> Thanks for listening : )
> Carla

(my original post)

> Sue wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry about lurking for a couple weeks. I've been following the
> hooplah about the View. I did love to see the lacvtivists
> on an issue. I also sent Barbara Walters an email.
> Still waiting to hear about my appeal for the rest of my maternity
> leave pay. My large auto company employer said I am the first to
> use a midwife without a backup doctor. Still trying to get three
> weeks salary back.
> Went to La LecheLeague yesterday. I don't think I'll go back. So
> sad. I understand LLL needs to be middle of the raod, not
> but I did not feel heard. Other than nodding in agreement that
> is normal, when problems are raised, I wasn't really allowed to
> contribute.
> When a mom mentioned green poop, I said too much foremilk, switch
> sides less. The leader looked in her book, and talked about
> baby to take both sides at every feeding, and switching halfway
> through a normal nursing stretch to prime the other side. After
> went on into complicated nursing schedules, she finally recanted
> said maybe switch sides every three hours.
> Also a mom with a five day old baby who would only take one side
> came in for help. All they mentioned was possible causes for the
> trouble. I couldn't get in a word of encouragement, and didn't
> really agree with their approach. Something about pumping, and
> getting the milk in any way you can. What happened to just spend
> all your time nursing, and the baby will be fine. So sad, she had
> scheduled C section, and the baby is still groggy. I fear that
> experts may be over complicating it for her. No one mentioned
> some moms only nurse on one side, and the baby does fine, twins do
> fine, most moms have a side that is preffered, or produces
> If she is having success with one side, she should rejoice in
> She even mentioned that she has to change a lot of diapers. I
> she would have gotten support, not an errand to run to pick up a
> thingy for the other side for wearing in her bra to get the milk
> out? Then her spouse came to get her, as she was finally getting
> some help with positioning. He stood with his hands on his hips,
> hovering over her. She gave him the baby and asked him to take it
> to the car. No one addressed that maybe the hubby was less than
> supportive, his posture said "I will see this, and be able to
> it later, I will help fix her".
> Remember this was just my perspective. I thought I saw a mom
> successfully nursing who should be told not to worry, things are
> fine. I heard this is wrong, we will fix you. I will pray for
> Am I too crunchy for LLL? It seems like watching a train wreck.
> Why can't we just let moms nurse? Do we always have to fix them?
> I remember the rocky start I had with my first. I had never seen
> baby nurse, the nurses all gave conflicting advice, the doctor
> talked my ex-husband into giving Sophia formula while they were
> still stiching me. Of course her blood sugar was low, they hadn't
> let me eat for more than 24 hours.
> I want to help but have no idea where to start. Breastfeeding is
> easy, and free. I nurse proudly in public as an example for
> Sue

Friday, May 13, 2005

Long time No blog.

Does anyone read this?

Please comment, and let me know.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Comments for Beatutiful Day

Breast feeding is easy and natural. Please stop listening to those idiots who say it is hard. Just whip it out.

Beware doctors. They know very little about BF'ing and most of it is wrong.

Sheila Kitzinger writes about breastfeeding, and it was very helpful. In essence, take off your shirt and go lay down with the baby.

I started back to work at 6 weeks for each of my three kids. One is still nursing at 6 month, another had more than two years, and the first had more than a year. BF'ing makes baby care easier. I just throw a diaper in my purse, and we're off.

Hang in there, you're doing great. Just remember we all make different choices about parenting. Have confidence in your choices.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Comments for Baby Makes Seven today.

Wrote so much on Anita's comment area, I thought I should post it as my own blog.

Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone. Nicholas has been nursing almost nonstop for a couple days. We even fed him some rice cereal to fill him up yesterday. He's six month and I am just about ready to make solids a regular part of his day. Currently I have just been letting him taste.

I was worried about my supply, if he is getting enough, is he growing, then I read your post. Seems easier to see now. Just need some more rest and fluids.

I am thinking about taking a day off to just lay around and nurse him.

After three and a half years of nursing ( more than a year for my first, more than two years for my second, now six months for my little nicki), you'd think the medicalized doubts could be banished. The numbers don't mean anything. The baby does. Infant led feeding really works.

Have confidence. I remember some dry spells, where I barely had enough milk for daycare and would cry if some was wasted.

Just relax, Conor will get enough milk from you. Some babies make up for daycare by nusring at night. Your supply may reflect that he has adjusted to less milk in the day.

I haven't tried fenugreek. I really like red raspberry leaf tea ( in bulk from any healthfood store). Also, Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk tea tastes great, and seems to give me back what I feed to Nicholas.

Keep up the good work. So nice to know there are other nursing moms out there.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Love Is..

My darling Vinny is back. So nice to see him. Evil twin came for a long visit. I wondered if Vinny would be back.

That look. That smile. The way he stands in my way no matter what I am doing. I love that man.

Is there another baby in the works? I have been reading pregnant infertile blogs and am grateful Nikko was so easy. At 38 am I going to do it again?

Monday, February 21, 2005

The journey continues

Happy Month Day Nicholas.

Currently he has one tooth half out, rolls over at will, sometimes crawls backwards, says ma ma and other sentences, but you need imagination to hear. He likes to be held, and carried. Totally breast fed. He shows a great interest in eating. Wants to see it happening, occasionally grabs the plate. He threw my paper plate on the floor yesterday.

He cannot sit up yet. Once he can I will start solids for entertainment.

Off to weight watchers, How did I do?

Up 3 pounds.

The number went the wrong way... But my actions should help soon.

I have been cooking more, I have been exercising, I have been drinking more water. Maybe some sunshine, or a trip to the tanning booth may help.

At least Vinny says I look better. The Number on the scale isn't the final answer. If I change so will it, but it takes time.

Friday, February 04, 2005

The road back

Time to start thinking about the journey back to pre-pregnancy weight. I was 138 just before getting pregged. I managed to gain 60 pounds this time. Seems like for each of the three kids, no matter where I started, I gained until I was about 200 pounds.

I lost the preg-weight before. Unfortunately not until the kid was 3. I remember someone asking when is the baby due, and I replied 2 years ago. She turned several colors.

Thinking is different than dieting. I cannot diet because I an still eating for two, and now he weights 16 pounds. At 4.5 months I am still his sole source of nutrition. If I just eat sensibly, I should lose at a reasonable pace.

First I need to settle on a plan. Sommersize? Weight Watchers ? Core or Flex?