Tuesday, November 22, 2005

17 months, not many solids, ready for family comments

Here is my reply to a mom worried about facing her family for the holidays, and comments about her 17 month old not eating lots of solids. She said if he nursed when she got home, and didn't eat dinner, somehow she had failed.

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Keep up the good work. After you read this forum for a while, you will see how normal your son is. Please remember, the gold standard of formula is promoted by an industry. Your milk does not make money for the formula industry, the medical industry, or any other group which will promote its goods. No one solicits doctors to buy breasts.

A recent study finally made some sense. Maybe rice cereal and highly processed food aren't good for baby. He should eat like mom does because that is what he is used too. Your milk is the best baby can get. 17 months is way young for weaning. Weaning is adding more solids, and water to get him off my chest.

That milk is better for him than dinner. Please resist the industries which attack wholesome free milk. Your family has been programmed. Please explain that industries have brainwashed them. Ask where they got the idea. Mention how bottlefeeding is not the standard, nursing is normal.

Possible replies:

I'm the mom, it's my choice.
My doctor would not agree with that.
Where did you hear that?
How do you know?
That's very nice, here's some bean dip.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great reply. My oldest son was almost 18 months before he started eating more solids and only weaned when I had to stop nursing for medical reasons. My younger wasn't so interested in nursing after a year but he may pick back up once the baby is born. :)