Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Comments for Baby Makes Seven today.

Wrote so much on Anita's comment area, I thought I should post it as my own blog.

Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone. Nicholas has been nursing almost nonstop for a couple days. We even fed him some rice cereal to fill him up yesterday. He's six month and I am just about ready to make solids a regular part of his day. Currently I have just been letting him taste.

I was worried about my supply, if he is getting enough, is he growing, then I read your post. Seems easier to see now. Just need some more rest and fluids.

I am thinking about taking a day off to just lay around and nurse him.

After three and a half years of nursing ( more than a year for my first, more than two years for my second, now six months for my little nicki), you'd think the medicalized doubts could be banished. The numbers don't mean anything. The baby does. Infant led feeding really works.

Have confidence. I remember some dry spells, where I barely had enough milk for daycare and would cry if some was wasted.

Just relax, Conor will get enough milk from you. Some babies make up for daycare by nusring at night. Your supply may reflect that he has adjusted to less milk in the day.

I haven't tried fenugreek. I really like red raspberry leaf tea ( in bulk from any healthfood store). Also, Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk tea tastes great, and seems to give me back what I feed to Nicholas.

Keep up the good work. So nice to know there are other nursing moms out there.

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