Monday, July 31, 2006

Breast feed or Else. ..... (N)

(reply to a post on my mainstream mommy group. waiting for permission before posting the story I replied to. Started with comments about a New york Times article entitled Breast feed or Else.)

Donning my flame proof undies,

Please understand, we aren't critisizing you. We are critisizing
the poor treatment you recieved. When I read your story, I see
medicos taking your choices away. Phrases like had to, instead of
decided to. Please understand, we are trying to help prevent other
moms from recieving calloused care.

Armed with natural birth ideals, I was lied to by doctors, and
almost had a C with my first, after being told breaking my water to
start labor would not interfer with my natural birth plans. After
arguing for hours for them to turn down the meds, I finally
was 'allowed' to push even though they made it clear they would
rather be doing a C.

A woman should be able to choose anything fromm elective, scheduled
C to unassisted home birth, and be able to go to a hospital a be
treated well no matter her choice.

I just blogged about this today. We don't say your choice is wrong,
we say our choices weren't supported. How many lay midwives turn
into doulas as they pass through hospital doors?

What happens when an unassisted home birther decides to get help,
because she feels she needs it? How 'bout calling CPS? It has

How do you feel about me nursing my son? In public? At twenty two
months? Not often, but it happens. Did you just judge me, or do
you think I was judging you? No, we hope for support. I try to
view posts in the context of helpful, not hurtful.


(PS N, can I post your reply below on my blog?, It really
illustrates some of the points we've been discussing elsewhere. I
would remove your identifying bits, since it is a public blog, I
would never post from here to there without permission. )

Safe equals Legal

(another reply to the debacle.)

Amy, "It is illuminating that the truth about homebirth could be seen as a vendetta."

Yes it is, illuminating, to see midwives prosecuted by doctors. We only needed homebirth advocacy after the medicos started their midwife hunting.

Homebirth should be legallized, and supported. How would you fee if even one midwife hesitated to bring mom in for additional care, because of a hostel hospital staff. How many midiwfes turn into doulas as they pass through the hosptital doors.

I support choice, from elective C to unassisted home birth. It should be legal and supported, so when more care is required, there is no fear of getting it.

Many medicos are jaded against homebirth, because they have only seen the ones desparate enough to wade into the medical territory. With bad relations, sometimes, too late.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What? A 'doctor' said no benefits for Mom in Breastfeeding

(Yet another comment on the homebirth debacle site.)

She tooted, "I strongly recommend breastfeeding to everyone, but that's because of the known benefits for the baby, not because of health benefits for the mother, which appear to restricted to a very small group."

It's lipservice like this that prevents breastfeeding from being seen as beneficial and normal.

The benefits to mom are too numerous to mention, but here's a few.

Oxytocin is released during let down, a feel good hormone.

Formula can cause post partum depression. Mom's body thinks the baby died if it doesn't nurse.

500 or so extra calories a day.

Never needing to take more than a diaper and some wipes when I go out. Imagine, no diaper bag full of crap to haul. I throw a diaper in my purse, and I'm off. I keep wipes in the truck. I bring a bottle of water for me to drink.

I needed to buy nothing for nursing, no hooter hider, no creams, no bottles, no just in case/sabotage formula, no shields.

I chose to buy a boppy, a stool and a pump. But those are optional.

Mom's pocketbook doesn't need to buy formula.

No running out of formula and needing to go buy some. No getting up to get a bottle while baby screams "why is this taking so long, just whip it out." for about five minutes.

Other fun bits, going to nurse ins, and nurse outs can be fun. LLL is entertainment, and much better help than any medico has provided.

A couple ten minute breaks a day to read my book while I was still pumping.

Oh, and did you miss the recent news, Tutuer, breastfeeding cuts your breast cancer risk in half, being breastfed cuts your risk in half again. You were right on one point, breastfeeding the American way for a couple of weeks doesn't help much. I seem to remember at least two years was needed over the lifetime. I'm in my sixth year of nursing, non-consequetive. Two children are formula free, the other has tummy trouble, allergies, and excema.

At least admit it to yourself Tutuer, you are actively sabotaging those poor women. We must present nursing as normal. New moms don't have time for extras. It's foolish to think formula is easier, or frees up mom. You will spent time with a fussy baby, which could have been pleasantly nursing with your feet up.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Safer birthing in the middle of a freeway.

(This was someone else's reply to my comment (previous post in myblog) posted to the homebirth debacle site. I asked permission to post it here, because I am so pleased that someone got it.)

From anon:

Gosh Sue, lucky you were in hospital eh?

Dr Amy should spend less time spouting her antipathy and more time listening to stories like yours.Maybe if the docs got it right, women would not be wanting to birth at home. Faced with a doctor who says homebirths are dangerous and hopsital safer after an experience such as yours, I wouldnt be suprised if you decided that birthing in the middle of a freeway was more preferable.

V's birth story

( posted as a reply on the homebirth debacle site - my point is that measuring natural birth outcomes can't happen in a hospital, they aren't set up for a natural birth, only medical.)

Whoops, I put the wrong name on the principle. Must not have been Heisenburg. I am sure my instrumentation (how meters work) class hammered it. You cannot measure without disturbing. Can anyone remember the name?

I'd like to hear more about sailing, that was very refreshing.

I still maintain there is no evidence that homebirths are significantly more dangerous. All data presented so far was either flawed or indeterminate. Where indeterminate was translated to unsafe.

The Quantum Physics bit can be greatly applied to homebirth. If I feel I have the power within me to birth, I am likely to do so. If I am looking to the allmighty medico to rescue my baby from my uterus, I am likely to receive. (For reference watch the recent Movie, What the bleep do I know)

For my first I fell for the "break your water or go home" ultimatum. He said it would not not effect my natural birth plans, and induced labor that way. I did managed to birth vaginally, but much trauma, including a 300 pound nurse pushing on my belly, even as I told her to stop.

For my second, I was given the same ultimatum. After being told I was at 6cm, they said, not fast enough, break your water or go home. I chose to leave, and Viola, suddenly I was declared 4cm. I transitioned at home after a pizza and a good night's rest. I would have pushed that baby out unattended, if the Ex hadn't piled me into the car. 15 minutes from front door to baby, and I had to fight every minute.

My natural Birth in the hospital.

Walk in front door, in bathrobe, sweating, pushy. They tried to put me in a wheelchair, I refused saying that the baby's head was to far down to sit, and insisted on walking.

After pushing elevator button, nurse wants to do a vaginal exam in the elavator. I refused.

The nurse would not break down the bed, and refused to allow me into a position to push, until a doctor arrived from ER. (I had called maternity, and said I was on the way. I made it clear I was pushy.)

ER doc arrives, and orders Lactated wringers. I yell, I'm not a traffic accident, and argue, until they are distracted. The bleeping fetal monitor has moved, the rates are now the same, mine and the baby's. They yell the baby's heartrate dropped and force oxygen onto me. I resist and tell them I am hyperventilating, and that the heart rates are the same.

I push the oxygen aside, and yell its burning. The assistant doula says, from her corner behind the equipment, "that is good, it should you're almost there." I accepted her advice to push through it, it was a good thing, a sign we were progressing. And out came V, she literally pushed off my rib cage and came out with a splash. Suprised ER doc catches, barely, and I start telling him not to clamp the cord. Fortunately he listened to me, for a little while. The sOb I had, made it clear he would be clamping right away. At least the ER doc did wait a little.

After clamp and cut, the doc starting pulling on my cord. I repeatedly told him to stop, it may cause hemmorage. When I pushed out the placenta, he wasn't paying close atttention, to me or the bowl of fluid full on the floor. Yep, I hit a bowl full of fluids and it splashed all over the doc, and covered under the bed too. (by accident.) Quite a mess.

Minutes later I was out of bed, and the nurse was requesting a bath so she could handle the baby without gloves. I said I preffered that she wear gloves.

My mom washed up the baby while I had a quick shower. (My Mom, and doula were stuck in the hall for the birth. They were denied entrance, even though permitted on my birthplan.)

Right after my support staff left, so I could rest. Another nurse came in and said they needed the room, I needed to pack and move down the hall. I refused to pack, and pleaded for her to do it, pointing out that if she had asked minutes sooner, my support staff would have been happy to help me.

She said they were full, and since I was now considered super healthy low risk, they were putting me in the private super clean room since I wouldn't contaminate it like (techno) deliveries might. She may have said something like more difficult instead of techno. The room was usually keep empty for those with compromised immune systems who needed an almost germ free isolation.

I wanted to go home right away, but no one would take me home until I ws released. 22 hours later I left, with a huge rash covering my buttocks and thighs caused by an allergic reaction to their sheets.

How's that for an unintendeded complication. It was real fun trying to heal that rash while nursing a newborn.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Glove safety

( reply to Tuteur's Debacle - concerning the drop in maternal mortallity. )

The drop in maternal mortallity is usually atributed to the doctors finally getting a clue and washing their hands before inserting them into the women. Midwives had been doing that all along, or better yet not inserting/disturbing.

Cervical checks only on maternal request. Could you handle it? There is no reason to be nucking about in there. Birthing from Within, we all have the power, not the (allmighty) doctors.

I can remember forcing the quack to change his gloves before insertion. He argued and said he just put new gloves on. I pointed out he had handled the pen, and the fetal monitor since putting on the gloves. The gloves were apparently there for his safety, not mine.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Formula Conspiracy

(this is a comment I left at in reply to his question why a medicaid HMO repeatedly lies and says that hospital grade breastpumps aren't covered.)

Thanks, NeoHero for covering a topic close to my heart. I was a lactivist, before it had that name.

Have you thought about the formula industry doing some active sabotage in this case? I always try to see where a formula rep may have been there first.

A formula rep visited my ex-chucrh and gave them 'free safer formula' to provide to mothers who brought breastmilk to the church nursery. I was asked to dump my "bottle of hazardous bodily fluid and refill it with free safer formula". Very effective, a shamed based message followed by free poison, from a source of spiritual guidance.

Since formula is made by Ross, I might guess that they strong armed somewhere. Look for the conspiracy.

Or it could be as simple as those reps think formula is good enough, and breastfeeding is an extra that medcaid recipients do not deserve. Most people view BFing as an extra, not a normal.

Breast is Normal. If you know of any Nurse Ins or Nurse Out I can post them to my yahoo group, nurseoutmichigan. I've helped promote a couple local nurse ins already. Did you see me on the six o'clock news for the Victoria Secret Nationwide Nurse In.

How 'bout those weight charts? In 1998 I had to fight to not supplement. The fleas were concerned because she was at 20% and settling gently. They didn't even believe me when I said their charts were for formula fed babies, and someone has to be at 20% anyways. There were formula ads on the chart itself.

Just picked a new flea, in 2005 a Doctor had to confirm online that I had a real CDC weight chart for breastfed babies, and didn't just make it up. He was about to give me a feed him more lecture, but on my chart, my baby was at 50%.

Oh, and I just love the recent ER visit where the doctor stitching my son was concerned he might not be getting enough calcium because he was still breastfeeding at 18 months. I told her my (new)pediatrician was not concerned.

I have been barraged with wean him, and what they really mean is cow milk in a bottle. My baby weaned himself from the bottle at 11 months, but continues to nurse. He eats real food, and drinks water anytime he likes, we keep it available.

I know, long comment, back to your topic. I showed a few examples of why breast is considered extra, and not needed, to illustrate how the denial of decent pumps is part of the bigger formula conspiracy.

Boycott Nestle, they are killing babies in third world contries by giving free formula in the hospital, so moms don't start nursing. Then after the two huge free cans run out, moms can't afford enough powder, and the water isn't safe. Babies die of disintery.

Friday, July 14, 2006

A doctor actually said pitocin is an exact copy of oxytocin.

(This is a reply I posted to the Homebirth debacle board.)

Amy spouted, "Third, synthetic oxytocin (pitocin) is an exact copy of natural oxytocin."

Do you actually believe this? I guess that explains why quacks feel justified hitting most moms with the pitocin stick. The last maternity triage area I was in, gave every mom pitocin, even the ones who just came in and were laboring normally.

Pitocin increases pain in labor. Oxytocin is regulated my mom/baby. How can you keep mucking about with things we don't really understand?

Yes, I do believe that interfering with a natural labor lowers the mothers quality of life. Post Traumatic Stress disorder induced by callousness. The baby mill can beat the life out of you.

The baby friendly hospital guidelines state that immediate bonding is very important. Are you saying it isn't?

You keep going from relative values to absolutes, taking offense where none was intended. Dr. Odent stated that things were dimished, not gone. Your jumps to offensive conclusions reveal a deep seated issue. Please go get help. I'll pray for you.

Not feeling superior, feeling protective. Now that I have done it both ways, I would like to spare others the pain of hospital birth.

Formula feeding moms have similar issues. Just because I want to be able to do it my way, doesn't mean that you have to be the same. Protecting my rights doesn't invalidate your choices. Taking offense because he states facts trying to protect women, is like bottle moms gettting mad at me when I'm upset because someone told me I should refill my bottle of expressed breast milk with free safer formula, so I wouldn't endanger other babies in their care.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Homebirth Debate?

Hi All you wonderful followers from the home birth debate site. Or is it neonatal doc? I seem to be getting some traffic here and will try to post more often. Thanks.

Has Dr Amy been here yet? My life is enough to make her blood boil. I believed in the medical mill before my first baby. I even updated my immunizations before trying to concieve. Now I will not immunize, and feel safer birthing alone, than with a herd of medicos shouting at me.

I blows my mind how some people feel that because a certain choice is better for them, it should be good for me too. From unassisted home birth to elective C section, it should be the woman's choice. Who are we to say what she should do? Why does Dr. Amy spend so much energy with her bombasts. I can't really call it a debate, she just misdirects, she hasn't done one valid refution yet.

British Doc has been a shining beacon of light from England. He said that there, the lower income moms are more likely to birth at home. It's not just for the well educated white women. He shows how normal and accepted homebirth is there. Homebirth paid for by public assistance? Did I really hear him say that? Sounds too good to be true.

Thanks to all my new visitors. Seems like my comments aren't just sent off into etherspace never to be seen again. I may not be able to help Dr. Amy, but at least now I don't feel so alone.

Take back your rights. Our medical choices are being governed by others' religious beliefs.