Friday, February 20, 2009

Swirling thoughts

Wow, my employer has changed policy, and now allows midwives to certify normal births. I think I had quite a bit to do with that. I kept telling them that it could save them lots of money. For a normal birth the costs are much lower. And as an added possibility, it could avoid some really expensive complications.

I guess it's time to submit my next appeal for the previous leave.

So, now that I have certified midwives to choose from, will I stay with Dr. Kathy? Probably, since the kind of midwife I want cannot be licensed as such in Michigan. I want one who doesn't work under a doctor. Now I'm trying to deal with choices I didn't know I had.

One of the happiest things about the change in policy is that new moms may find out midwives are an option they didn't know about.

Well, I have months to decide. I'm still waiting for the miscarriage. Since I've had lots more pregnancies than kids, I'm not really feeling this is real.

Monday, February 09, 2009

42 and pregged again

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So many things rushing around in my head, and body. Hormones are a swooping. Wondering how my mom will take it this time. She's told me so many times how much burden another will be. I can only see it as a blessing.

I'm enjoying every moment while I can. Feeling my belly swinging in front of me. Watching my hips and butt shrink as I shed any extra weight. Finding clothes that are comfortable. Asking hubby to do any strange lifting for me.

I'm eating well, and sleeping extra. Getting my fluids, and some extra relax time. This is my seventh pregnancy, so I know the routine. Wondering what this time will bring for aversions and cravings. With Nicky I stopped liking raw onions, with all I tend to crave spicy food.

I'm wondering how our new food choices will affect this preg. We have cut out all dairy, cut way down on bread and eat mainly meat, veggies and fruits. Any sweets we now cook from scratch.

Last night I whipped up some coconut macaroons. Yummy, easy and fast. Iron Chef revealed coconut and chocolate for their secret ingredient, I got a wild hair for making something, and picked up Joy of Cooking. I had invented a recipe, cooked it, and we were eating our cookies before the Iron Chef started judging. So here's the 'recipe' before I forget:

6 egg whites, beaten to stiff peaks
1 custard cup of coconut macaroon
3/4 custard cup cane juice crystals organic
a splas of vanilla

baked near 400 for 17 minutes until edges were brownish. Seems like the cane juice made darker cookies than the sugar amy have, but they were so yummy. A big hit with Vince.