Wednesday, December 21, 2005


[QUOTE=Kleine Hexe]Thank you, hellen.

I read the Weir book and it was interesting, but I want to know the details of things. Such as when they talk about a woman being "churched" I want to know what that entails.[/QUOTE]

Six weeks after my first baby was born, Mom let me know that it was time to get churched. I asked what that was. For six weeks after giving birth a woman is not supposed to sit with the regular congregation. She sits out by the candles in the back with her family. After the six week unclean period is over the priest leads you back into church.

That day Mom stood in front of me with her coat out like batman to conceal me nursing. Later when I asked a priest in that church where a nice quiet spot to nurse would be, he sat behind his desk and said not even the cafeteria or the parking lot would be advisable. He said the women would be mean to me if they saw me nursing.

Later on the radio, after I left that church, I heard on the radio an odd news bit. The Greek Orthodox Church home office answered a call from a Canadian church to support making a blind woman leave her dog outside, because it was unclean. They had to pay a lot of money. I laughed until I cried.

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