Tuesday, November 22, 2005

17 months, not many solids, ready for family comments

Here is my reply to a mom worried about facing her family for the holidays, and comments about her 17 month old not eating lots of solids. She said if he nursed when she got home, and didn't eat dinner, somehow she had failed.

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Keep up the good work. After you read this forum for a while, you will see how normal your son is. Please remember, the gold standard of formula is promoted by an industry. Your milk does not make money for the formula industry, the medical industry, or any other group which will promote its goods. No one solicits doctors to buy breasts.

A recent study finally made some sense. Maybe rice cereal and highly processed food aren't good for baby. He should eat like mom does because that is what he is used too. Your milk is the best baby can get. 17 months is way young for weaning. Weaning is adding more solids, and water to get him off my chest.

That milk is better for him than dinner. Please resist the industries which attack wholesome free milk. Your family has been programmed. Please explain that industries have brainwashed them. Ask where they got the idea. Mention how bottlefeeding is not the standard, nursing is normal.

Possible replies:

I'm the mom, it's my choice.
My doctor would not agree with that.
Where did you hear that?
How do you know?
That's very nice, here's some bean dip.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Michigan is...

My response to someone from Washington State asking about Michigan crunchiness.


If you want a sugar coated answer, don't read this one.

Blue Cross dropped my Direct Entry Midwife in the last month of my pregnancy. I am waiting for the answer to my appeal. My employer took three weeks maternity pay away, because I didn't have a doctor to sign. I told them this before the birth, but they didn't get it, until 8 weeks after. Still trying to change HR policy.

www.thebirthplace.com see the tub. I would recommend Bridget, and she does get paid by some insurance. She can let you know whether your company pays.

I am repeatdly asked to do things like the bottle moms. Held up to the gold standard of formula. I left the church I was raised in because the priest sat behind his desk, and laughed as he said no nursing in church, the cafeteria, or the parking lot. That he wanted to protect me from other women who would be harsh. Hospital and pediatricians are formula driven. They measure my baby with a tape with Enfamil ads. They lecture me about vacs, and importance of cow milk. This ped, may even have been retracting my sons foreskin. (I am going to a more friendly practice.)

I left my new church when they said Breastmilk is a hazardous bodily fluid, and offered free formula to refill my bottle of EBM.

I just started a Yahoo group, Nurse Out Michigan, link above. We just get together with our kids. Nursing is not seem much here.

A member of our group was kicked out of her daycare after being told not to nurse in front of the children, because it is like spreading your legs.

I wore my sling to the mall, with my other mommy group, and it was a novelty. Most babies are kept in those plastic buckets.

You can find alternative health care, but you have to look.

I was in an organic farm this summer. It is CSA, Maplecreek farms. $525 for 18 weeks.

Feel free to join my yahoo group, and get a peek at what goes on here. The flip response from a representative saying 15 months may be told old for protecting rights to BF, tells it all.

Washington is very crunchy. In Michigan, I usually have to explain what crunchy means.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

RE:productive Responsibility?

Here's your chance to blast me.

I have given birth three times. Two girls with the Ex, and one year
old son with Hubby. He has a nine year old, also. That's four
kids. My two girls are 50/50 with their dad. His visits anytime
she wants, mostly weekends.

During the school year my girls are home with me from Friday after
school, until Monday for school, three weekends a month. The Ex
insisted Pinckey schools were better than Livonia (not) and takes
them there even though we both work in Dearborn. I got the better
end of that bargain, the whole weekend which is what we work for

Well, anyways, this leaves little Nicholas as an only child for most
of the week. I'm thinking about another to keep him company. Like
cats, two will entertain each other.

Hubby said he wants Nick to be older first. Something like three.
I'm 39 now, mine are 1,5, & 7. My home has five bedrooms and two
baths. I've been at the same job 13 years as an engineer
researching fuel economy and emissions.

So, what do I do? Rythym method. Ha Ha. At my age, using just the
calendar to prevent conception???? While breastfeeding? Believe it
or not, I started cycling at six weeks post partum, and haven't
missed one yet. How did I get away with it for more than a year?

How responsible is it to just think that either God will give me
another child, or menopause will take care of it? I worked for
years to concieve my first, the second caught on my second cycle
post partum (nine months), the third was concieved on the first
cycle I tried.

How arrogant is it to think that although I work full time and
support the family, that it will be one more breastfed infant to
help the gene pool? Two are formula free, and the first only had a
little until I knew better. (please, no slam intended here, just
genetics - if baby doesn't bf, gene pool reacts to dead mom message,
if mom doesn't bf, she reacts to dead baby message for next child.
I believe that this may explain the soaring disease rate. I know
that formula moms do what they feel is best for their kids.) No day
care, I am grateful that my hubby can be an at home Dad.


In Wisconsin you need the hubby to sign before you can buy a car.

My body, my choice. While sperm was still inside man, his choice.
I feel sorry for a man who loses a child because his mate does not
agree. I feel sorry for a man who pays for twenty years for a one
night stand. I feel sorry for the pain a woman has to endure while
the 24 hour rule plays out. I feel sorry for the women who have
undergone court ordered C sections because a doctor did not believe
in consent. I don't know how to fix it.

My hubby and I have had several heated disagreements in the last
month over this issue. Neither will budge. He says his child his
choice, I say my body, my choice. No happy medium.

Do you now Michigan has a law which says that after a woman goes in
for an abortion, she must go home and wait 24 hours to think about
her decision? Like she hadn't agonized about it before?

Do you know that doctors have called judges in the middle of the
night, and without representation from the mom, have court ordered
surgery on woman? There was precedent set that surgery on one
cannot be forced to benefit another. Unless your preg, then no
rights, all fetus rights as determined by the state.

Our reproductive rights have been eroded. When I give birth, do I
deserve a right to choose what happens to the baby? In Michigan
apparently not. On the birth plan for my second, I said no
antibotic eye goop. The doctor signed it at 32 weeks. At 38 1/2
weeks, they told me I would need a court order to stop them, when I
was already 4 cm dialated, and contracting. Why can't I choose not
to blur the baby's vision for the first two days of life? States
answer: because we must protect all babies from syphillis and
gonorea even though we know you aren't even remotely likely to have

I also view the "mandatory" vaccinations as an erosion of my
reproductive rights. If vaccines are so wonderful, why do you need
to force me? At least the 'mandatory' vaccinations can all be
waived, but without knowing your rights, and fighting for them, many
families are bullied into risking their childrens safety.

What about the way Viagra is covered under your medical insurance,
but birth control is not? How 'bout the way that the morning after
pill was delayed by the FDA? How 'bout the way the abortion pill,
although cheaper and safer was delayed?

In my mind this all boils down to forcing religious beliefs onto

Wandering farther off topic....

Oh, okay, I'll go post my own thread.... Reproductive responsibilty.


--- In meetingmomsclub@yahoogroups.com, alissa metoff
> New supreme court nominee Alito was pro spousal approval to get an
> What are your feelings on that?
> Is it something the government should stay out of?
> Shouldn't people agree on abortion before they get married?
> Birth control isn't 100% effective but having no sex is grounds
for divorce.
> How about the government getting out of the marriage business all
> What else would they want notes for?
> Does this leave the door open for the government to ask for
spousal approval on other things?
> What about if the father does not want the baby and the mother
does? Should fathers be able to make you get an abortion if they can
require approval?
> That would have to be a 2 way street wouldn;'t it?
> Would husbands be able to get away with not paying child support
if approval or disapproval becomes law?
> Hmmmm