Wednesday, December 21, 2005


[QUOTE=Kleine Hexe]Thank you, hellen.

I read the Weir book and it was interesting, but I want to know the details of things. Such as when they talk about a woman being "churched" I want to know what that entails.[/QUOTE]

Six weeks after my first baby was born, Mom let me know that it was time to get churched. I asked what that was. For six weeks after giving birth a woman is not supposed to sit with the regular congregation. She sits out by the candles in the back with her family. After the six week unclean period is over the priest leads you back into church.

That day Mom stood in front of me with her coat out like batman to conceal me nursing. Later when I asked a priest in that church where a nice quiet spot to nurse would be, he sat behind his desk and said not even the cafeteria or the parking lot would be advisable. He said the women would be mean to me if they saw me nursing.

Later on the radio, after I left that church, I heard on the radio an odd news bit. The Greek Orthodox Church home office answered a call from a Canadian church to support making a blind woman leave her dog outside, because it was unclean. They had to pay a lot of money. I laughed until I cried.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Re: Birth cost comparison

My reply to Attached In Wayne County.

Sue here. The lactivist intactivist birth advocate. Remember these
are my opinions.

The double and triple contractions may have been due to Pitocin. I
would blame the hospital for the flatline, not commend them for a
rescue. see the tub my son was born in. has a tribes area in their forums which has
recently discussed the providence center, and the birthplace.

A circ hurts just as much for a baby as an adult. Babies just don't
talk about it. My brother still has a scar and a funny shape
(according to my mom) from his circ. It put her through hell.

$3500 for all prenatal, birth and post birth is cheap. Millions for
the care of a birth damaged child is a possiblility for the cheaper
hospitpal birth choice.

Blue Cross has stopped paying claims, and still has not covered the
$1700 I want for birthing services.

My maternity pay was denied because of no doctor to sign. Still
working on HR for that.

The violence of birth has been blamed for the decline in our society.

Take back birth. Pregnancy is not a sickness to be rescued from,
it's a baby, not an accident.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

United Airlines actually said no breastfeeding on planes is company policy?

The link above leads to a very disturbing article about United. I am outraged that this could happen.

To deny a baby the right to eat because there is no bottle is discrimination. This mother would not have been harrassed in such a manner if she was using a bottle.

Nursing a child should not expose a mother to shame based on the bottle standard. You have no right to deny children comfort and food due to the complaints of other passengers. How can the comfort of an adult compare to the needs of a child?

Without an immediate statement of company policy which supports nursing moms, you should expect a flurry of outrage.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What happened to Steven W Tuck?

The last news I saw was Oct 22, 2005. It said he had been released so he could go to the hospital. Those articles are disappearing now.

The headline that caught my eye was "Veteran Frog Marched to Border". Turns out this US citizen fled in 2001? To avoid prosecution. He was growing under the medical law in California, and the feds stepped in with a federal law. He took enough seeds when he fled to start Canada'a medical hemp program. He has applied for political asylum in Canada, and been denied.

So, this veteran who was injured in the 80's and has been on prescription morphine for 16 years is laying on a gurney waiting for surgery in Canada. The marshals doctor shopped until one said he could be released. He is taken from the hospital, catheter still attached, and delivered to the US. Then he is thrown in jail for 4 days with no medical treatment for his catheter of morphine addiction. The gave him an OTC med, not nearly enough.

The last article quoted his lawyer, and mentioned possibly losing and infected body part. He had been treated, and they were waiting to see if he responded to the antibiotics. Then nothing..... Today when I searched, all gone, like it never happened.

How can we torture a veteran by withdrawal? Where is all the news? What happened to this man?

If you know, please leave a comment, so I can too.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I posted this on to a query about why formula makes bigger babies.


The formula companies do research to make the babies grow better with their brand. Better means bigger babies produce bigger sales. Bigger babies draw more customers to their brand. Bigger babies consume more. Doctors will recommend their brand.

Just like fertilizer on your lawn will make more growth and that green color. The fast open growth and accumulation of bad fats can leave you or your lawn open for sickness to attack.

At the one year appointment my formula free son was on the 50th percentile for the 2001 CDC breastfed baby chart. The doc wouldn't see me until he confirmed the chart separately online. He thought my son was underweight without the data I brought. What happens next time when my son goes back to the one size fits all babies over one year chart?

Whoops I almost forgot, I'm not going back. I called a number for a ped that I saw here on mothering and am very happy with this new guy. Although he did say ten may be too old for nursing, he didn't think over a year qualified as extended nursing.