Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Second that, discreet, schmeet, sheep go bleat.


Quote: (from mothering.com)
Originally Posted by Mrs Dimples
I have realized that when people say "discreet", they don't mean a physical state of being "covered". They mean that the mother should feel on guard, on her toes, a little ashamed, sheepish, deprecating. It's a state of mind, folks.

If you NIP - whether you're wearing a bikini, a blanket, or a burka - and you aren't ready to scurry into the bathroom at the first withering glance, then you ain't discreet.

I think if people really thought about, and understood, the implications of tacking on that "...as long as she's discreet about it" clause, they would be so incredibly ashamed of themselves. It's misogynistic, divisive, and completely fantastic in that it has almost no basis in reality.

I'm really fired up about this tonight. I just figured this out a few days ago - crystallized what it is (to me, anyway) that people mean by this phrase, and the attitude that goes along with it. Feminism has SO far to go. Human rights have SO far to go.

--- end quote --------

Yes, I always thought that as long as their disceet BS should be kicked to the curb. Let's see a bottlefeeder keep that bleeping plastic t!t out of sight. If they don't, we won't.

I have an active one year old. Discreet, schmeet. He won't have it. He needs to see at least an inch, and raises my shirt every time. He also likes to see what is going on. Bring it on...

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