Thursday, September 22, 2005

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I'm doing great. It's almost 8, I've got my cup of tea, and am waiting for my changes to the software for the car to build. I'll be out testing it later.

This month, I stopped using the pump at work. I figure I have brought home at least 4000 ounces of milk for the three kids. (Three Kids, a year each, 5 days a week from 6 weeks old, 8-18 ounces a day) Thats two kids who never tasted formula. Nick drinks water and soymilk, while I'm at work, along with eating everything he can get his hands on. Including the cat.

I've been reading the thread on getting help from Dad. At least I can go to work and get a break. Sure I get home and he's hit or miss on doing anything. That role playing computer game keeps him busy. Yesterday he did cook dinner. Even though I had said that I was going out with Amy about 100 times.

When I get home today, I'll be taking Nick to the pediatrician. I hope the baby is home when I get there. The darling spouse sometimes forgets things like that.

Have a Happy Thursday,

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