Thursday, December 15, 2005

Re: Birth cost comparison

My reply to Attached In Wayne County.

Sue here. The lactivist intactivist birth advocate. Remember these
are my opinions.

The double and triple contractions may have been due to Pitocin. I
would blame the hospital for the flatline, not commend them for a
rescue. see the tub my son was born in. has a tribes area in their forums which has
recently discussed the providence center, and the birthplace.

A circ hurts just as much for a baby as an adult. Babies just don't
talk about it. My brother still has a scar and a funny shape
(according to my mom) from his circ. It put her through hell.

$3500 for all prenatal, birth and post birth is cheap. Millions for
the care of a birth damaged child is a possiblility for the cheaper
hospitpal birth choice.

Blue Cross has stopped paying claims, and still has not covered the
$1700 I want for birthing services.

My maternity pay was denied because of no doctor to sign. Still
working on HR for that.

The violence of birth has been blamed for the decline in our society.

Take back birth. Pregnancy is not a sickness to be rescued from,
it's a baby, not an accident.

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