Monday, February 21, 2005

The journey continues

Happy Month Day Nicholas.

Currently he has one tooth half out, rolls over at will, sometimes crawls backwards, says ma ma and other sentences, but you need imagination to hear. He likes to be held, and carried. Totally breast fed. He shows a great interest in eating. Wants to see it happening, occasionally grabs the plate. He threw my paper plate on the floor yesterday.

He cannot sit up yet. Once he can I will start solids for entertainment.

Off to weight watchers, How did I do?

Up 3 pounds.

The number went the wrong way... But my actions should help soon.

I have been cooking more, I have been exercising, I have been drinking more water. Maybe some sunshine, or a trip to the tanning booth may help.

At least Vinny says I look better. The Number on the scale isn't the final answer. If I change so will it, but it takes time.

Friday, February 04, 2005

The road back

Time to start thinking about the journey back to pre-pregnancy weight. I was 138 just before getting pregged. I managed to gain 60 pounds this time. Seems like for each of the three kids, no matter where I started, I gained until I was about 200 pounds.

I lost the preg-weight before. Unfortunately not until the kid was 3. I remember someone asking when is the baby due, and I replied 2 years ago. She turned several colors.

Thinking is different than dieting. I cannot diet because I an still eating for two, and now he weights 16 pounds. At 4.5 months I am still his sole source of nutrition. If I just eat sensibly, I should lose at a reasonable pace.

First I need to settle on a plan. Sommersize? Weight Watchers ? Core or Flex?