Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Monday, February 08, 2010

words from a friend

My friend posted this recently to console someone else who had a recent loss.  I asked her permission to repost it here since it reflects my opinion so well.  Thanks Marlowe for letting me repost it here:

"I don't know what your beliefs are. If you believe in an afterlife and/or reincarnation, I wanted to share that I've read the idea that the most evolved souls are those who are with us for such a brief amount of time. Unlike the rest of us, those who leave us as babies or young kids had little to learn here on this plane; they are already ready to progress---to fly and soar in a different place and form. To love one of these souls is an honor; a painful, harrowing, sorrowful honor to be sure. "

(end quote)
Grief seems to come very slowly to me, I shed a few tears here and there, but haven't been consumed by it like so many others whose blogs I read.  Maybe because I already have three successfull pregnancies, another loss didn't hurt as bad.  I'm up to three losses and three babies.  Plus the bonus of my wonderful step-daughter.  It feels selfish having so much, and reading about others' loss to console myself.

Knowing I grew a baby long enough for God to welcome him back so soon does seem like an honor.