Friday, February 04, 2005

The road back

Time to start thinking about the journey back to pre-pregnancy weight. I was 138 just before getting pregged. I managed to gain 60 pounds this time. Seems like for each of the three kids, no matter where I started, I gained until I was about 200 pounds.

I lost the preg-weight before. Unfortunately not until the kid was 3. I remember someone asking when is the baby due, and I replied 2 years ago. She turned several colors.

Thinking is different than dieting. I cannot diet because I an still eating for two, and now he weights 16 pounds. At 4.5 months I am still his sole source of nutrition. If I just eat sensibly, I should lose at a reasonable pace.

First I need to settle on a plan. Sommersize? Weight Watchers ? Core or Flex?

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