Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I posted this on to a query about why formula makes bigger babies.


The formula companies do research to make the babies grow better with their brand. Better means bigger babies produce bigger sales. Bigger babies draw more customers to their brand. Bigger babies consume more. Doctors will recommend their brand.

Just like fertilizer on your lawn will make more growth and that green color. The fast open growth and accumulation of bad fats can leave you or your lawn open for sickness to attack.

At the one year appointment my formula free son was on the 50th percentile for the 2001 CDC breastfed baby chart. The doc wouldn't see me until he confirmed the chart separately online. He thought my son was underweight without the data I brought. What happens next time when my son goes back to the one size fits all babies over one year chart?

Whoops I almost forgot, I'm not going back. I called a number for a ped that I saw here on mothering and am very happy with this new guy. Although he did say ten may be too old for nursing, he didn't think over a year qualified as extended nursing.

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