Monday, October 10, 2005

My life: A Series of Small Technical Diffulcties.

HI Mom,

Saturday still works. I should have something for Nikko by then.

Dealing with a long series of small technical difficulties.

The air was broken for those two hot days. First day I could look at it, it just ran fine.

DVD lost its tracking, for like a month. Never buy AMW.

Yahoo has been keeping messages for a day or so in etherspace before delivery.

Clocks have been failing.

Computer was replatformed.

Visit to Ped, they should pay me, not the other way round. Less than useful.

Coolant low light came on, and had to add water to car. Of course it was dark when the light came on.

Running low on tea. Do you have another pile of rejects? I found a couple I really liked last time. Time to clean your cupboard.

Lost my chase amazon card. I think the guy at compusa kept it. Reported it lost, and then logged in to see what charges were recently made. Chase cancels internet access when a card is lost. I can't see my statement. I haven't seen it, and I have made three phone calls asking them to fax it to me. I have my new card, and still no statement. I have figured out how to see the charges, and they're okay. Citicard never gave me this kind of trouble with a lost card, and Chase doesn't view this as a problem. I applied for a card from a different company on Saturday, and will cancel all Chase.

Got a new American Express card. Hope to use it at Costco. Costco card is nasty. Couldn't find the AmEx card, reported it lost, asked for one that's not clear. They only offer clear cards. Later found said card in purse right where I was looking for it. I plan to paint the new card neon colors.

Just quit Weight Watchers. We have a bunch of new members. I walked in the room, and couldn't take the perfume. So glad I picked engineering, most guys don't smell.

Did you see Dr. Phil on friday? He covered NIP (nurse in public). Vinny taped it for me. I labelled it and put it away. In ten years it may be nice to contrast it to the new reality. I have a better idea why women object to nursing now. She seemed to have issues. It's just not attractive was her only argument.

At least I always have . The discussion boards have all kinds of interesting controversy. The breastfeeding advocacy and support board has many interesting threads on the small victories achieved by teaching one person at a time that it is not okay to ask me to leave just because the baby is hungry and I don't use a bottle.

In training the next couple of days. Leaning the new calibration tool. This is the third time I'm taking the same course for a new piece of equipment. Same stuff, but each new tool uses different keys to do the same functions. Dad would probably say that I'm lucky I get to use the same tool for a few years at a time.


******************************* Mom's Note ***************************

Mom wrote:
Well, Donna's plans have changed. Nick and Staci are going to the Ohio/Michigan State game in Ohio and were leaving the kids with Donna but there seems to be some soccer games involved so she won't be able to make it.

Yia is much the worse for wear since she had all that company but she loved seeing the girls and Tom. I'm glad they came.

Saturday still works best for me, since I have to pack and get ready to leave on Sunday. We will take time to buy the costumes, whenever you have time during the weekend. I have a ton of gifts here for the kids Nick and Sophia from Rob/Staci/Donna and of course us. Wait until you see the lovely jacket that Staci bought Sophia.

Hope you had a restful weekend. I worry about how much you always have to do and deal with. Take care.

Love MOM

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