Monday, July 31, 2006

Breast feed or Else. ..... (N)

(reply to a post on my mainstream mommy group. waiting for permission before posting the story I replied to. Started with comments about a New york Times article entitled Breast feed or Else.)

Donning my flame proof undies,

Please understand, we aren't critisizing you. We are critisizing
the poor treatment you recieved. When I read your story, I see
medicos taking your choices away. Phrases like had to, instead of
decided to. Please understand, we are trying to help prevent other
moms from recieving calloused care.

Armed with natural birth ideals, I was lied to by doctors, and
almost had a C with my first, after being told breaking my water to
start labor would not interfer with my natural birth plans. After
arguing for hours for them to turn down the meds, I finally
was 'allowed' to push even though they made it clear they would
rather be doing a C.

A woman should be able to choose anything fromm elective, scheduled
C to unassisted home birth, and be able to go to a hospital a be
treated well no matter her choice.

I just blogged about this today. We don't say your choice is wrong,
we say our choices weren't supported. How many lay midwives turn
into doulas as they pass through hospital doors?

What happens when an unassisted home birther decides to get help,
because she feels she needs it? How 'bout calling CPS? It has

How do you feel about me nursing my son? In public? At twenty two
months? Not often, but it happens. Did you just judge me, or do
you think I was judging you? No, we hope for support. I try to
view posts in the context of helpful, not hurtful.


(PS N, can I post your reply below on my blog?, It really
illustrates some of the points we've been discussing elsewhere. I
would remove your identifying bits, since it is a public blog, I
would never post from here to there without permission. )

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WendyLou said...

Been following you from Neonatal doc.

I too want choice. I don't know what those choices may be, but I want them. I don't think I would do a home birth. Basically, for my next pregnancy I have VBAC or C. I don't know which I would prefer, but am leaning toward C. My first pregnancy would not have gone as well as it did without medical interventions. So I have to admit, I'm biased. Without interventions, we both could have died.