Friday, July 14, 2006

A doctor actually said pitocin is an exact copy of oxytocin.

(This is a reply I posted to the Homebirth debacle board.)

Amy spouted, "Third, synthetic oxytocin (pitocin) is an exact copy of natural oxytocin."

Do you actually believe this? I guess that explains why quacks feel justified hitting most moms with the pitocin stick. The last maternity triage area I was in, gave every mom pitocin, even the ones who just came in and were laboring normally.

Pitocin increases pain in labor. Oxytocin is regulated my mom/baby. How can you keep mucking about with things we don't really understand?

Yes, I do believe that interfering with a natural labor lowers the mothers quality of life. Post Traumatic Stress disorder induced by callousness. The baby mill can beat the life out of you.

The baby friendly hospital guidelines state that immediate bonding is very important. Are you saying it isn't?

You keep going from relative values to absolutes, taking offense where none was intended. Dr. Odent stated that things were dimished, not gone. Your jumps to offensive conclusions reveal a deep seated issue. Please go get help. I'll pray for you.

Not feeling superior, feeling protective. Now that I have done it both ways, I would like to spare others the pain of hospital birth.

Formula feeding moms have similar issues. Just because I want to be able to do it my way, doesn't mean that you have to be the same. Protecting my rights doesn't invalidate your choices. Taking offense because he states facts trying to protect women, is like bottle moms gettting mad at me when I'm upset because someone told me I should refill my bottle of expressed breast milk with free safer formula, so I wouldn't endanger other babies in their care.

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