Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Formula Conspiracy

(this is a comment I left at neonataldoc.blogspot.com in reply to his question why a medicaid HMO repeatedly lies and says that hospital grade breastpumps aren't covered.)

Thanks, NeoHero for covering a topic close to my heart. I was a lactivist, before it had that name.

Have you thought about the formula industry doing some active sabotage in this case? I always try to see where a formula rep may have been there first.

A formula rep visited my ex-chucrh and gave them 'free safer formula' to provide to mothers who brought breastmilk to the church nursery. I was asked to dump my "bottle of hazardous bodily fluid and refill it with free safer formula". Very effective, a shamed based message followed by free poison, from a source of spiritual guidance.

Since formula is made by Ross, I might guess that they strong armed somewhere. Look for the conspiracy.

Or it could be as simple as those reps think formula is good enough, and breastfeeding is an extra that medcaid recipients do not deserve. Most people view BFing as an extra, not a normal.

Breast is Normal. If you know of any Nurse Ins or Nurse Out I can post them to my yahoo group, nurseoutmichigan. I've helped promote a couple local nurse ins already. Did you see me on the six o'clock news for the Victoria Secret Nationwide Nurse In.

How 'bout those weight charts? In 1998 I had to fight to not supplement. The fleas were concerned because she was at 20% and settling gently. They didn't even believe me when I said their charts were for formula fed babies, and someone has to be at 20% anyways. There were formula ads on the chart itself.

Just picked a new flea, in 2005 a Doctor had to confirm online that I had a real CDC weight chart for breastfed babies, and didn't just make it up. He was about to give me a feed him more lecture, but on my chart, my baby was at 50%.

Oh, and I just love the recent ER visit where the doctor stitching my son was concerned he might not be getting enough calcium because he was still breastfeeding at 18 months. I told her my (new)pediatrician was not concerned.

I have been barraged with wean him, and what they really mean is cow milk in a bottle. My baby weaned himself from the bottle at 11 months, but continues to nurse. He eats real food, and drinks water anytime he likes, we keep it available.

I know, long comment, back to your topic. I showed a few examples of why breast is considered extra, and not needed, to illustrate how the denial of decent pumps is part of the bigger formula conspiracy.

Boycott Nestle, they are killing babies in third world contries by giving free formula in the hospital, so moms don't start nursing. Then after the two huge free cans run out, moms can't afford enough powder, and the water isn't safe. Babies die of disintery.

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