Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Glove safety

( reply to Tuteur's Debacle - concerning the drop in maternal mortallity. )

The drop in maternal mortallity is usually atributed to the doctors finally getting a clue and washing their hands before inserting them into the women. Midwives had been doing that all along, or better yet not inserting/disturbing.

Cervical checks only on maternal request. Could you handle it? There is no reason to be nucking about in there. Birthing from Within, we all have the power, not the (allmighty) doctors.

I can remember forcing the quack to change his gloves before insertion. He argued and said he just put new gloves on. I pointed out he had handled the pen, and the fetal monitor since putting on the gloves. The gloves were apparently there for his safety, not mine.

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