Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What? A 'doctor' said no benefits for Mom in Breastfeeding

(Yet another comment on the homebirth debacle site.)

She tooted, "I strongly recommend breastfeeding to everyone, but that's because of the known benefits for the baby, not because of health benefits for the mother, which appear to restricted to a very small group."

It's lipservice like this that prevents breastfeeding from being seen as beneficial and normal.

The benefits to mom are too numerous to mention, but here's a few.

Oxytocin is released during let down, a feel good hormone.

Formula can cause post partum depression. Mom's body thinks the baby died if it doesn't nurse.

500 or so extra calories a day.

Never needing to take more than a diaper and some wipes when I go out. Imagine, no diaper bag full of crap to haul. I throw a diaper in my purse, and I'm off. I keep wipes in the truck. I bring a bottle of water for me to drink.

I needed to buy nothing for nursing, no hooter hider, no creams, no bottles, no just in case/sabotage formula, no shields.

I chose to buy a boppy, a stool and a pump. But those are optional.

Mom's pocketbook doesn't need to buy formula.

No running out of formula and needing to go buy some. No getting up to get a bottle while baby screams "why is this taking so long, just whip it out." for about five minutes.

Other fun bits, going to nurse ins, and nurse outs can be fun. LLL is entertainment, and much better help than any medico has provided.

A couple ten minute breaks a day to read my book while I was still pumping.

Oh, and did you miss the recent news, Tutuer, breastfeeding cuts your breast cancer risk in half, being breastfed cuts your risk in half again. You were right on one point, breastfeeding the American way for a couple of weeks doesn't help much. I seem to remember at least two years was needed over the lifetime. I'm in my sixth year of nursing, non-consequetive. Two children are formula free, the other has tummy trouble, allergies, and excema.

At least admit it to yourself Tutuer, you are actively sabotaging those poor women. We must present nursing as normal. New moms don't have time for extras. It's foolish to think formula is easier, or frees up mom. You will spent time with a fussy baby, which could have been pleasantly nursing with your feet up.

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