Friday, August 04, 2006

I was a believer

(posted as a reply to neonataldoc HIb)

I was a believer. I updated my shots before trying to concieve.

After a year of her getting very sick after every shot, and seeing two of her immunizations recalled, I woke up and started reading. One of her vaccines was recalled for overdosing newborn babies with mercury. That was the published reason. The other for bowel obstructions.

It was hard to watch my child suffer from the vaccinations. The doctors didn't report even one occurance to the VARS database. The doc made the call that it was unrelated, and didn't follow the rules. Vaccine incidents are 95% underreported.

The screaming, the rainbow poops, and the worry was only there for the 7-10 days after each shot.

How 'bout the way that SIDS peaks in two perfect bell curves centered around two and four months age. Same as immunization time.

The only polio seen in the US for more than a decade, is the vaccine strain, not the wild one. Most polio cases in the US recently were caused by the oral vaccine. The caregivers were catching it from the diapers.

And what about the nasty preservatives.

I will not vaccinate my son. It was hard enough watching my daughter suffer.

And before you get on your high horse, vaccines are contraindicated if siblings had bad reactions. It says so right on the manufacturers pamphlet. So even the medicos would agree not to vaccinate another.

I loved the line in the varicella vaccine pamphlet. "There is no evidence of sutained immunity in the absence of wild booosting." So if we vaccinate the kids, they may get chickepox as adults.

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Mama Liberty said...

I'm enjoying your blog... found it by googling "homebirth debate". I wanted to see what other people were saying! It is ridiculous that you were banned.

Regarding this post, my oldest son was always sick after his immunizations which is the main reason I haven't vaccinated my other two. I have read the research and arguments on both sides and think that it is a very complicated issue. But bottom line, when you see one child becoming ill from vaccinations, you sure don't want to see others suffer similarly. I do sometimes wonder if I am doing the right thing, but after what my oldest has been through, I've decided to go with my gut.