Monday, July 31, 2006

Safe equals Legal

(another reply to the debacle.)

Amy, "It is illuminating that the truth about homebirth could be seen as a vendetta."

Yes it is, illuminating, to see midwives prosecuted by doctors. We only needed homebirth advocacy after the medicos started their midwife hunting.

Homebirth should be legallized, and supported. How would you fee if even one midwife hesitated to bring mom in for additional care, because of a hostel hospital staff. How many midiwfes turn into doulas as they pass through the hosptital doors.

I support choice, from elective C to unassisted home birth. It should be legal and supported, so when more care is required, there is no fear of getting it.

Many medicos are jaded against homebirth, because they have only seen the ones desparate enough to wade into the medical territory. With bad relations, sometimes, too late.

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