Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wait, we're not ready for you to push yet...

For my second, I walked in ready to push, and had been doing little pushses in the car on the way. I told that bleeping nurse she could catch it, but she wouldn't break down the bed until the ER doctor ran up. I should have stood up, and let her catch it on the floor.

How to have a natural birth in a hospital, 15 minutes from front door to baby born. I argued with them every moment. Let my doula and mom in the room, sorry no room. Get that oxygen off me, baby's heartrate dropped, yeh, to exactly my heart rate, I told them I was hyperventilating to get that mask off me. He ordered lactated wringers, and I said it's a baby not a traffic accident. I didn't even let them get a bleeping IV into me.

The night before they gave me that same crappy ultimatum I fell for with my first: let us break your water or you have to leave. This time I said, I'm leaving, and suddenly I was back to 4 cm, when previously they had said 6cm. I went home and ordered a pizza. I would have had the baby at home unassisted, I hated the hospital so much. The ex practically dragged me to the car.

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AtYourCervix said...

I never understood why - when a mom walks in pushing - some nurses are so insistant on IV access. It's probably the "old school" nurses that you run into this with the most.

Give me a natural birth mom any day!