Friday, June 02, 2006

I need a shill, any volunteers?

I need a shill, any volunteers?

When my third was nine months old, the church nursery suggested I
bring a bottle for the next visit. When I brought one of my
precious last bottles of Expressed Breastmilk to the next visit the
nursery worker asked what was in it. I proudly replied, and was

She wrinkled her nose, and told me that it was a hazardous bodily
fluid and offered me free safer formula to refil it. I fled in
tears clinging to my baby. In the main lobby crying on the phone to
my hubby, people were concerned until they found out why.

I wrote a letter, I talked to the director, others at
were more angry. The church maintains that I shouldn't expect
volunteers to take extra risk by handling my fluids. Yes, they
change diapers every service, but only females are allowed to diaper.

Now, ten months later, I still haven't attended another service. I
just wrote a little note to a pastor, saying that I haven't been
back, and it has shaken my faith. He sent back a corperate looking
form letter reffering me back to the director who doesn't feel that
a shame based message from your church followed by free formula is a

This bugs me. The website is even more pro formula now.

I want to know that the offers for free formula just for the
excusively breastfed infants have stopped. I want to know that a
new mom won't be shamed.

My baby is too big to take to the nursery. It's a wonderful place
other than that 'science' that formula rep must have sold them.
Does anyone here attend? Would anyone be willing to go and see what
happens if you bring a bottle of the best milk for humans?

I would like to be sure it is still a problem before starting in on
them again. Oh, and yes, they have a nursing closet, and pagers,
and encourage you to direct feed anywhere you like. Separate, but
not equal. Once again I've been told to do it like bottle moms.

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AtYourCervix said...

Good for you, for standing up for what's best for your child, and for your beliefs! For the record -when I was working in a daycare center (eons ago!) I gladly gave expressed breast milk to the babies whose mothers pumped for them. For goodness sakes - it's just breastmilk folks! (and it truly is far superior to yucky formula)