Monday, June 19, 2006

Someone in my mommy group seems to be headed for induction.

[I actually posted this to a mainstream mommy group. Feeling bold today, but I can't bear to see it happen again.]

(Warning, I can't keep quiet about this. This post mentions some scary things, and is highly opinionated.)

How 'bout informed consent? Has anyone mentioned that due dates, fundal heights, and baby weight estimates by U/S can easily be off as much as 20%. Have they mentioned the risks for induction? I read a lot of pregnant infertile blogs. They keep inducing these poor women who tried so hard to conceive, and then putting the premature baby into intensive care.

I birthed three babies, 7.5, 8.5, and 9.5 pounds. The 9.5 pounder was the easiest by far. I could hardly walk, and hurt worse than a traffic accident for the 7.5 pounder. For the 9.5 pounder I was up and around within minutes. Why? Because I waited for the 9.5 pounder to choose his exit time, and the 7.5 pounder was induced, early. The 7.5 pounder was in the hosptial, on my back. The 9.5 pounder was birthed underwater without a hospital, or doctors, at a time of his choosing.

The induction rate around here is like 95% for hospital births. Pitocin is standard around here, and AROM (artificial rupture of membranes - break your water). You can refuse any treatment. Please don't let them bully you with their policies. Inducing five weeks early can carry lots of risk.

I'm sure the medicos feel they are doing the best thing for you. I just don't feel they have told you the whole truth. Please don't let a doctors fear of large babies lead you to a C section. I read about 11 to 13 pounders who are birthed unassisted. (To me unassisted means at home, alone with no midwife.)

My message here is to trust your body. Where you here to see Kelli's story as it unfolded? After she went in for induction, we held our breath for 6 days before she got online and said she and baby Caanan were okay.


mm said...

Bravo... if it weren't for the brave, no one would learn!
Found you through that supposed "debate" over at Dr. Amys! Bravo for things there too!

chasmyn said...

wow, what was the response?


Stephanie M said...

So many women will still turn a blind eye to the truth and obvious misleading of doctors and hosiptal staff because they are so brainwashed.

I birthed a 10lb 9oz baby at home unassisted this past May and while it was one of my most painful births there is without a doubt that I would have been sliced and diced if I were to have been with some doctor and undereducated about my body and my choices.

I have so far birthed 4 of my 6 chidren at home and will continue to do so because I know it is safer. Even as a VBAC'er!! ;)

HomeJewel said...

You're so right. I birthed a 13 lb 3 oz posterior baby at home in February. We didn't know his size or position because I didn't have an ultrasound.

What is really sad is that so many first-time moms are having c-sections (many because of failed inductions) and will never be able to have a vaginal delivery because so many OBs refuse to allow moms to have a VBAC. This is a tragedy.