Thursday, March 02, 2006

What is the most challenging area of parenting for you?

Which challenge? Working while hubby stays home. Extended
breastfeeding in the face of relatives? A hubby who acts like a
child? an Ex who is spiteful, controlling, and not AP at all.

Or is it the constant fight against the medical sickness industry?

Okay, I'll pick that one.

As a mom, I am caregiver. I decide any treatments for my children.
Many doctors feel that they have a standard of care, and as a good
mom I should sheepishly follow their directions.

The ped I just fired advised against any co-sleeping, even naps. He
told me that I should limit nursing my newborn to 10 minutes a side
or I would have cracked bleeding n... Later, he was concerned that
my baby doesn't drink cow milk, and said calcium. I advised him
that cows are vegetarians, and the organic produce Nick eats (even
green leafy) will do better providing enough. He eats cheese and
incidental dairy, but this quack was making it like I should put cow
milk in a bottle for my 14 months old boy. Same kid, different

He went on to lecture me about he's seen cases of polio. I called
him on it, and said "not in this country", and he admitted it was in
India, and all polio in the US for the last decade was the vaccine

That was for the third kid, once I knew better.

My first child was compromised by the vaccines, and a techno birth.
How can her first immunization have been recalled for overdosing
babies on mercury in the hospital?

Every time I went to her ped, formula supplementation was
pressured. There were no breastfed baby weight charts then, and it
was a constant fight to prove that she was getting enough.

I am amazed at how much the medical industry has violated my trust.
As a parent, my most difficult issue is protecting my children from
modern medicine.

I'm still out three weeks salary because I chose a lay midwife for
an out of hospital birth, and the disabilty company said it was okay
until I returned to work, then they asked me to go find a doctor to

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