Monday, March 20, 2006

Sue's Online Book Club

This is the place. Let's give it a whirl in eitherspace.

Format - Pick a book, Read it, go to page here about that book, and post comments. That way we can read and post, and reply like a forum, but with no costs.

Let's start now. Please post a few of the books you would like to hear discussed.

A Stranger in A Strange Land - Robert Heinlein

The Cat Who could read Backwards - Lillian Jackson Bruan

Harry Potter

And my hope for first pick

Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer

Okeedokey - let's post a few choices here, and then we'll pick one with a poll. My goal is to pick one by the weekend.



stockingup99 said...


Submit suggestions by Wednesday
Poll on Thursday and Friday
Friday 3:00PM book is selected.

The poll will be posted on the MMC yahoo group.

brycefredericksmommy said...

Beside Hary Potter, I have not heard of the other books. So I'll go with the one you want.

stockingup99 said...

Suggest any book you like. We are voting on the suggestions Thursday/Friday.

stockingup99 said...

The Last Child in the Woods

Discusses nature Deficift disorder.

stockingup99 said...

the poll is up. Under polls at our mommy group site.