Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Feel free to comment in Etherspace

The Shh it's a secret was for real life. Feel free to chime in here, or elsewhere in etherspace. Even go tell toots that I found a doctor who does home births. I can't tell her, I'm still banned.

I met the Doctor yesterday. Wow, how'd she get that degree, and keep her morals and marbles. I'm thrilled. The booklet they handed me with the paperwork covered most of my concerns on page 8. I cheered when I read that page. She routinely does testing equivelent to my wishes, which means almost none. She assures me I am pregnant, with no testing. She said if I don't like the doppler, the only penalty is that I won't hear the heartbeat until 20 weeks, and it doesn't really matter anyways. She liked my vitamins and supplements, especially the yeast defense (TM).

Wow, contrast that to the other sOBs who diagnosed me with ammenoria (no period) until the blood work ($400 worth) came back to change the result. Wow, a doctor who believe women can give birth if they aren't interfered with 90% of the time, and 5% may need a little help, the other 5% may need more extreme measures. Contrast that with the 30% C rate in the US this year.

So excited to share the healing with you all. For all three previous babies I was in an adversarial position with my care provider. It wasn't until eight months into the third pregnancies when I woke up and went to an unlicensed midwife. I was forced to choose another provider this time by my employer, in order to get my maternity leave.

More soon, I'm hoping to blog lots about how the otherside is so much safer. Go tell toots, she can get stuffed. So looking forward to care without the dead baby drum, and the I know better than you horn. No GBS, no quad screen, no ultrasounds, no doppler, just sound advice about eating, and sharing any concerns. So nice to have someone who has confidence in me, not the machines that go bleep.

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Anonymous said...

I tell ya, it felt just like somebody just pulled it right out from under me!