Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Someone at asked us to ask our timid friends if they have been harrassed. She wondered if it happened to timid people too.

Here's what I replied:

Harassed by whom?

I used to be a timid mom, harrasment made me who I am.

The sOB who said breaking my water 2.5 weeks before my due date wouldn't interfer with my natural birth plans. Same sOB (surgical OBstetrician) allowed 30 seconds for me to attemp breastfeeding with no help before declaring time's up and convincing the dad to dump 2.5 ounces of formula into my first.

The peds who answered try supplimenting to any concern.

The peds who never reported adverse vaccine reactions with my first.

The pediatrician who claimed that at a year my baby needed cow milk, that human milk and real food including organic greens wasn't good enough.

The nurses who keep asking what formula, and make faces when I say none. Repeatedly asking how much milk, when I am nursing.

The ex who coerced me into weaning because pregnant, or before an airplane ride.

The employer who took away part of my maternity leave after returning to work, and said you know better now, no midwife.

Dr. Amy Tutuer who runs a 'debate' and bans anyone who supports homebirth.

The boss who looked like a deer in the headlights everytime I mentioned nursing/pumping.

The online mommy groups who think it is out of line to nurse near a pool.

The church who wanted me to dump my milk and replace it with their 'free safer formula' since human milk is a 'biohazard'. (quotes mean false)

The priest who laughed and said, no breastfeeding, even in my car in the parking lot, the women would be cruel to me.

Sorry, I just reread your thread starter. I don't have any friends who are unlikely to complain. I choose carefully.

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