Thursday, August 17, 2006

Epi vs Hot Tub

(Toots at the debacle is debating the effectiveness of water immersion for pain relief in birth.)

Natural birth meant less pain overall.

The epi for my first birth stopped labor. It tooks hours for me to convince them to turn it off, so I could get going again. 25 hours of hell. I hurt worse than a traffic accident after, and my mothering ability was compromised due to loss of confidence in my natural ability.

For the next two, I went natural. I was up and around right away, empowered to care for my new baby. Overall the pain was much less. The recovery was faster.

The second was in the inhospitalbe, and since I was forced onto my back, I tore.

The third was in the water. Only a tiny tear, which didn't need repair. For the third, I didn't even get any pain meds for recovery. It forced me to rest, as my body required.

Toots, you say water birth is dangerous, and then say we should study its effectiveness. I'm confused.

Birth should empower a mom, not cause trauma due to calloused care.


(the ban seems to have expired.)

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sailorman said...

I recently saw your comment on my blog.

I haven't spoken about it with Amy. Bit if you're deliberately going to give someone an insulting nickname, this suggests to any reasonable observer that you're spoiling for a fight. I'd probably have banned you, too.

If you want respect from Amy (or anyone else), drop the "toots" and the "debacle" and start talking data.

Good luck