Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Advice for a Mom who was told to wean to treat thrush.

(this is a reply I posted to a thread at mothering.commune for a mom who was told to wean her 1.5 year old baby to treat thrush. There was other standard advice already posted.)

The ex ped told me at eight months to just use formula. I had mentioned that the nystatin was making it hard to pump. (Nystatin is a common, horrible antifungal prescribed for thrush, and is greasy.) I wanted another type of treatment, not just the same old supplement line of crap.

I called back the Lactation Consultant in the practice, and she set me up with a pharmacy which had gentian violet. I stains the baby blue, but is much better than thrush.

And pumping was easy without the greasy parts. I was working full time, and not suplementing, so decreasing my output was a concern.

Years laters, for another baby, I went straight to LLL. That time, it may not have been thrush, they thought it was dermititis, a skin allergy. Keeping the shampoo, and other soaps away from the area, and changing my laundry to soap free made a permanant cure.

Other tips, I love the Yeast Defense pills, hot peppers and probiotics all in one pill. The midwife also recomended breaking a probiotic capsule open, and sprinkling the power on the affected area.

You're not alone in getting horrible advice which ends with wean. I avoid doctors for all but stiches. LLL and kellymom combined with mothering.commune solves 99% of the issues that the peds used to mislead me about. Any doubts and I call my unlicensed midwife for the real answers. What a shame that the most reliable care is not offered a license in Michigan.

Did anyone mention water and rest to boost your body's natural defenses? The no sugar really helps, also flour and refined grains can fuel the yeast. Basically the white foods promote it, and whole foods prevent it.

For lots more about the many things that yeast causes, and doctors treat with surgery, read The Yeast Connection. That book claims that most of our mysterious illnesses which doctors fail to control are actually caused by yeasy overgrowth.

Hope you feel better. Great thinking Mama, come here whenever anyone says wean. The breastfeeding isn't the probelm, its the answer.

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Heather said...

Gentian violet is some wonderful stuff. My DD and I had a wonderful everything-resistant strain of thrush. We tried nystatin, diflucan, and I ate more yogurt and took acidopholus pills than you could shake a stick at. We got it from the antibiotics DD was on after her surgery she had at 7 days. She had a really bad problem with her right lung. Anyway after fighting this off for months, I finally called my LC crying. I loved her!!! She recommended gentian violet. It worked like a charm. It was messy, but worked like nothing other!