Friday, May 15, 2009

Oops, How could I miss those movements

Well, I paid some attention last night. And I told Hubby about my fears that there was no movement. He immediately wanted me to call the doc and have her rush right over. He said that if he's dead, I'd need it sucked out. I calmly told him that at twenty weeks the otoscope might not pick up the heartbeat, and we'd feel worse, and that if the baby is gone my body would flush it out on its own. He said it's so big I'd need help. I pointed out that full grow babes are bigger, and mentioned how he fell for the medical industry propaganda again. That even without a heartbeat, I'd do fine. He firmly agreed nothing would bring back a heartbeat.

But then, a few minutes later after a glass of grapefruit juice, when I asked if he could feel this and see, he rushed right over. I wondered if it was a my guts moving or the 6.5" baby. Right away he placed his hand just under my ribs. I moved it under the belly button and showed him the boundaries of my mighty Ute. (Just under belly button, to both sides of the belly and down to almost the pubic bone. A small volleyball.) The babe co-operated, and obligingly nudged his Daddy. Several times, and we could both feel it at the same times.

I am greatly reassured. I also seem to remember doing this at about twenty weeks before. Feeling movement way early, and then thinking I was imagining it. Thank the gods that Hubby was willing to help me realize that it is not my imagination.

Maybe it's because my swelling has subsided, and the babe is in a comfy location. I seem a little smaller this week, but I seem to be carrying better. I'm kinda on the large side, and previously I've had looser abs, so the baby carried way farther forward. This time it feels more centered, closer to my backbone, more comfy for me.

So, panic rush to ER for an ultrasound has been averted. Hopefully all ultrasounds will be averted. It's only dawning on me this is the time most docs coerced me into going in for scientific experiments with bad results. Let them drink a half gallon of water and hold it for two hours and see how much it hurts. Tell them to not agitate the cervix just in case the placenta might have trouble since it is in the proper place for that time. I have yet to hear a good result from the ultrasound other than predicting the sex that was hoped for, and that is often wrong too. I wouldn't have an amino, or a termination, so why get an ultrasound?

I love my new doc, she doesn't recommend routine ultrasounds, because science has said they don't really help, only cause more worry.

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