Thursday, May 14, 2009

Freaking out, or No longer imagining?

So, I thought I've felt the baby moving for weeks now, and it has stopped. I may have been overestimating gas and poop.

So, what will I do? Nothing. This doesn't change my mind about using the Doppler, because if there is no heartbeat, nature will take care of the rest. Nothing will bring it back.

I'm not even going to post this to the mommy group, because I don't want to worry everyone. Only the ones who've been dedicated enough to keep checking here, even though I haven't posted anything in months.

Odds, are the the good old Ute has moved into a move comfortable position.

The doc will come see me again on the first Tuesday in June, and the dates will put me into the range where the otoscope might pick something up. But, if the babe has stopped moving, I should be getting other symptoms by then.

No spotting, no hard contractions, just a little hicks, only a little ligament pain when I spring up too fast in the tub.

Thanks to the mommy group, I seem to have the rampant swelling of my ankles under control again. Elevation, lots of protein, frequent baths with sea salt and grapefruit seems to be what fixed me.

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Ruth Chowdhury said...

I'm still following your blog & I'll continue praying for you & your babe. Say hi to the little one (inside) for me! ;)