Thursday, May 10, 2007

Do you have any more details about Baby Born in Birth Center Parking Lot?

Curious to see what this is really about. Mom called midwife, and
arrived alone at the birth center. (No Hubby?) The midwife mistook
her for someone who lived much farther away, and hadn't arrived yet.

Mom had the baby in the parking lot. This is where it gets weird.
Mom is panicked and runs to a nearby house, calls 911. And now 48
hours later the baby is in NICU, and the grandma is trying to put
the midwife out of business.

Is this just the standard midwife hunt? Why's the baby in NICU?
How long until the midwife did show up?

I firmly believe you're safer having a baby in a car, than in a
hospital. I would be the one sitting in the car nursing, until the
midwife arrived. I think this story underlines how indoctronated
women are to you can't have a baby without a professional to oversee

(For my second, I tried to convince the (now-ex)husband to pull the
car over, so I could have the birth on the side of the road. He just
kept driving.)

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