Friday, May 25, 2007

Another cycle - Another chancce to convince Hubby

I couldn't convince him to make a time appropriate contribution, for the last wo months. He thinks the littlest should be six before we add another.

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Dorothy said...

I just joined here and I'm still not sure on how you are supposed to easily view others blogs but I have been reading your blog for a while and have been ferverently reading your also took me quite a while to find Dr. Amy Tutuers blog. I have been having many of the same problems with the medical community and I am due in 5 days although I am not expecting my son for at least a week after. Anyways, I am confused as to why you have stopped posting unless I am just not looking in the right place...anyones help would be great and oh the main thing that got me to join blogger is that I am from southeast michigan pretty much Waterford and after reading your blog for 3 hours straight I saw the first talk of Livonia and Greenfield Village etc. so I thought that it was weird I stumbled upon someone so close...hoping to make some friends on here as I have had to remove quite a few people from my life...well heres hoping someone reads this and contacts me! Thankyou to anyone who talks to me!