Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Gotta start somewhere

Wow, my first blog. What to comment on? Saw Wil Wheaton on VH1 last night. I have been reading his blog at Nice to see other geeks have made it out of school.

How about the birth industry. I resent the way the medical industry has convinced women that they must go to a hospital to be delivered of their baby. I saw one reference to rescuing from the uterus. A C section pays the doctor more, a natural birth leaves them open for lawsuits.

I chose to go to a free standing birth center for my third birth. Now I am told that my maternity leave pay will be recovered because without a doctor's signature on it, they won't believe I had a baby. Birth certificate, Soc, nope, good enough for the government, but not for Unicare.

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