Friday, February 20, 2009

Swirling thoughts

Wow, my employer has changed policy, and now allows midwives to certify normal births. I think I had quite a bit to do with that. I kept telling them that it could save them lots of money. For a normal birth the costs are much lower. And as an added possibility, it could avoid some really expensive complications.

I guess it's time to submit my next appeal for the previous leave.

So, now that I have certified midwives to choose from, will I stay with Dr. Kathy? Probably, since the kind of midwife I want cannot be licensed as such in Michigan. I want one who doesn't work under a doctor. Now I'm trying to deal with choices I didn't know I had.

One of the happiest things about the change in policy is that new moms may find out midwives are an option they didn't know about.

Well, I have months to decide. I'm still waiting for the miscarriage. Since I've had lots more pregnancies than kids, I'm not really feeling this is real.

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Ruth Chowdhury said...

So excited that the policy is changed - and it's probably because of YOU!

Try to enjoy your pregnancy, Sue, and I'm praying it's healthy & you feel geat!