Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Food & Fun

Still not preg, aunt flo should be making her happy visit tomorrow.

On the live food front, man, you should see my hubby. He has realized how much food can f*ck with your life. Now, I do most of the shopping alone, and he eats the fresh food I provide. He is looking and feeling like a whole new person. The man who didn't used to be able to walk fast with me is now biking fourty miles just to see his pal.

Adventures in sprouting have been hit or miss. Sometimes yummy, sometimes forgotten and tossed. Instant soup has been a staple. A little broth and beans with a 24 hour sprout just needs to be heated and it's ready. The beans don't need 'cooking' since the sprouting makes them digestible. (do not sprout the beans in the broth, use water and discard.)

I am now a webmaster. Hear me roar. Hoping to make some fancy bits here soon. Wondering how much a site on the outside costs. Are there any free places to put my html so the kids can see it? I'm going to try putting some things here.

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