Friday, August 03, 2007

Another chance

Well, after many months of no chance at all, due to lack of the necessary bit. I get another chance. Donation achieved, in the traditional manner on the ovulation date. We'll see how it goes.

Of course the symptoms started the very next day. Having to pee, suddenly. Cramping, tiredness. My mind hoping for a fourth birth.

Having a well person checkup next week. Looking forward to having Hubby meet my new doc, who specializes in home birth. As we were hoping for another birth, yesterday, we said he was sorry it wouldn't be with Bridgett. I tried to convince him Dr. Kathy would be just as good. I'd go with Bridgett again in a heartbeat, if only my employer would still pay my maternity leave.

After reading so many infertile, and pregnant infertile blogs, I almost feel guilty that I think I can have a baby this easily. At 41 should I really be trying again. I think the kids really want another. I would be great for teaching the girls how to mommy. Besides, I've got another forty years expected, so I'll be around for them. Already planning to work forever, and never retire.


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