Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some one else feels oppressed by formula

* Not mine, this is from a friend
* in my mommy group

Subject: Kelli:Re: Northridge Church /Shannon, Sue

I never heard anyone say that choosing formula makes people completely
mindless. Many people choose formula. However, those who choose NOT to
use formula often spend YEARS defending their decision and policies put
in place by people who have NO BUSINESS offering any nutrition advice
make the situation worse for those who don't follow society's status
quo. FF moms don't have to deal with the dirty looks by strangers in
teh mall, the nutrition advice by all and sundry, being told that what
they are doing is "gross" or "sexual abuse" at most they may have to
deal with a breastfeeding advocate getting angry about the treatment
they receive while in public. I have NEVER heard anybody in a position
of public authority look at a ff mom and say, "YOu can't do that here."
It's UNTHINKABLE in this society that that would EVER happen. FF is the
NORM. BF is not but it's not this shameful little dirty secret only
freaks do either. I have Formula shoved down my throat EVERY SINGLE DAY
since I've become a mother, I'm sorry that some people get all offended
that I choose to use my breasts to nourish my children. My child, my
body, MY CHOICE. I should NOT ever have to deal with somebody telling
me that feeding my child is inappropriate. But I have and I do EVERY


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